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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Somehow, I entirely missed this reply.

Without giving the game away, yes. They take the conclusion of the first film all the way to its logical endpoint.


Okay so currently since I posted here things that have stood out that haven’t been mentioned or that I can add to…

Condor - This was absolutely fantastic in so many ways. It works like a long movie and sticks the landing brilliantly, the last episode was just perfect. It’s a spy thriller in the vein of 39 Steps and is an adaption of a novel - Six Days of the Condor as well as it’s adaption - Three Days of the Condor starring Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway and Max Von Sydow as ‘Joubert.’
In this we have William Hurt and Brendan Frazier putting in great performances, along with the rest of the cast. It’s great to see Brendan Frazier in a quality show and the way he was done up in this was used by gossip columns and blogs claiming that he was aging very badly. Mira Sorvino also turns up and is great to see but acting wise she is probably the weakest link here.

Overall I would recommend this highly, especially if you enjoy a good thriller and I think would definitely hit the mark in binging. I’m looking forward to discussing this when others have watched it, especially in regards to the protagonist and his journey.

One thing I especially loved was this version of Joubert. When she delivers Max Von Sydow’s infamous “I don’t interest myself in ‘why’…” line it’s just perfect, as is her delivery of the reason why she is late coming out of her house while an uber driver is waiting.

Tag was somehow entertaining even though I don’t think I laughed once. It has some really weird story turns that completely seem out of place.

American Animals was, like Tag, based on a true story. It’s an elevation of the true crime dramas on Netflix and works well, but ultimately the original true story isn’t as good as most of them so this way of telling it, breaking the fourth wall into the participant interviews, is kind of needed. As much as I love fourth wall breaking I think this would probably have been better without the gimmick and instead fabricating some extra story parts or used more frequently. Was an enjoyable little watch though.

Get Shorty has returned and is just as good as ever! I especially like how the second episode deals with editing and telegraphs the episode final shot, “Cut to a wide shot there,” “Oh yeah, then it mirrors how empty her life is…” All the wee things like that, it’s just great!

Castle Rock. I watched the first episode and want to get into it but keep putting it off episode two. That’s not a good sign.


I watched Hulk for the first time since the cinema, and really liked it. It’s far too long, Jennifer Connelly gets very little to do, and the second half isn’t as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it more than a lot of modern superhero movies.

I know people make fun of it, but I love the editing with the comic book-style cuts.


Watched the fourth and final season of 12 Monkeys. This has quietly been one of the best Sci-Fi shows over that last couple years. And while I’m sad to see it end, I’m glad they absolutely nailed the ending.

This show got super wibbly wobbly, timey wimey at times. But they did a good job tying everything up, and making sense of all the loose time travel threads. And also giving the characters satisfying payoffs.


I really enjoyed the first season… then it kinda went downhill from there… but it has some really brilliant moments. I sort of stopped watching after the 2nd or 3rd episode of this last season and I got super bored (the Jennifer moment in the museum was great though), but I might watch it later…


I actually got more into it, once they got past the first season, and started to move away from the virus plot of the movie. And yeah the museum gag was hilarious. Jennifer was always a highlight of the series. And she kept it from getting to po-faced at times.


I had to be out due to painters yesterday evening, so I saw Christopher Robin. I actually liked it a lot, but it’s a very weird film.

The first two-thirds are incredibly bleak and depressing, especially for a G-rated movie, which makes the turn into the more expected “cartoon characters in the real world” stuff of the third act feel even more jarring.

I thought the voice cast were great though, and I loved the post-credits scene with Richard Sherman’s song.


Forgot to mention, I finally watched What We Do in the Shadows. It was great. Fantastic idea with a great execution. My favourite part of it was Stu!

Oh, and I watched Swiss Army Knife Man, which I’ve been wanting to see for a while simply because it looked so damn weird. For those who don’t remember what that was:

Yeah, so someone stranded on an island finds a dead body that’s farting, and because of the farts he eventually can ride him like a jetski and step after step he figures out more things the dead body can do - it’s like a swiss army knife. At some point, it even starts talking, but he’s amnesicac, so the guy has to explain the world to him.
And you know, the movie totally works: moving beyond the disgusting to, ridiculous as that may seem, a rather sweet story about friendship and love. Paul Dano is great in this, and Daniel Radcliffe also is, for once.


Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich: A reboot of this somewhat iconic B-horror series…and it fails to live up to even the slightest bit of expectations. The story is slow, the horror is boring, and the gore is the “cut away, cut back” style outside of two instances which get lost in a very hurried shuffle. The general structure of the movie isn’t without potential - but the execution makes a barely 90 minute affair feel like forever.

Just tries to make itself feel like a slow burn, moody, horror but neglects to add in any of the development or content that makes such stretches feel engaging. So you’re just wasting time in quiet, dull, scenes with characters who stare sullenly into the camera for minutes without end. The worst part is when it tries to then switch it up with some camp…which feels out of place at best.

Apparently they plan for more, and the movie ends in an intentionally lackluster way with a “To Be Continued” stamp - but it’s an uphill battle for sure if it does happen.


The Hard Way (1991, d: John Badham)

Well… for a buddy cop film… I suppose there are worse movies in the subgenre of action movie. I find it annoying as hell, which director’s skill for shooting action scenes can’t save from dismay. This movie feels like it’s unintentionally satirizing itself. Michael J Fox is terribly miscast as action star, his haircut, his height is yet nothing compared to James Woods over the top performance. Who plays the character as the idiosyncratic parody of hard guys he played, while near constantly rotating facial expressions. In fact, the whole movie is full of various idiosyncrasies. The satire of Hollywood is done way way better in Last Action Hero.

White of the Eye (d: Donald Cammell, 1987)

As pleasant surprise this movie caught my attention for its very unconventional filmmaking. I dare to say, for an art, experimental film (and director did my favorite UK film Performance in 1968 - also to be experimental), this movie can be too extreme even for the excessful, exotic 1980s. Someone is murdering a rich town women in the city of Tucson and the suspicion falls upon. The movie itself only superficially looks like slasher. Hell, even posters have those motifs. But, this is more psycho thriller, or better yet - character study, than a horror it’s led to believe. There are only two killings, and viscerally, are non-violent, but they are very unpleasant to watch, thanks to editing and visual motifs (for e.x, a second killer hold his victim in bathtub, while holding a mirror over her head, forcing her to see herself drowning). Speaking of visuals, it’s very gorgeous film (something like Manhunter). Psychologically very provoking, but most of all, the soundtrack is absolutely, totally amazing (Rick Fenn and Nick Mason).

I am listening this for several days now.

Now, off to Jane’s Punisher


CASTLE ROCK had its best episode last night basically by making it mostly a one actor show based around their best actor - Sissy Spacek. The lead protagonist really didn’t show up very much though I imagine the next episode will be all about him.


it was okay, albeit sloooooooow… I kept fast-forwarding… this show has a really attrocious pace, unfortunately. but I liked this Dr. Manhattan-esque episode (for that reason obviously =P)


I was hoping that it would turn out to be something like that - more unstuck in time like Billy Pilgrim with a supernatural explanation rather than medical.


Right now, I’m watching New Jack City for the umpteenth time. Has one of my favorite lines of dialogue ever spoken in a movie:


Saw BlacKKKlansman yesterday.

It’s worth seeing for sure, but it has its issues. The balance of serious cop movie, political movie and comedy doesn’t always work, with one impulse sometimes working against the other, and I think it would have been a better movie if it had resisted the opportunity to ridicule the klan members (some of them are comedic caricatures). I think it also would have been better if it hadn’t inserted political commentary refering to the present into the dialogue of the characters with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

But it’s still a well-made movie, and it has a lot of interesting things to say. The story is obviously fascinating, and John Washington and Adam Driver are very good.

Sidenote: I hadn’t realised Steve Buscemi had a brother that looks and talks exactly like him. So weird.


Sounds like a Spike Lee joint to me. He always tends to have that “jangly” feeling (as in ‘jangled nerves’). My favorite Lee film is Do the Right Thing, and that’s a jagged film with every character crashing up against the others. Since it’s local, the news has had a lot of stories with the cop who participated being interviewed.


Yep. I thought similar things about “Bamboozled”, back in the day.


Still struggling through the first season of PREACHER. It’s not bad and gets better as it goes along - even more grim than the comics in some parts - but it really feels like it can’t really get started because Jesse is stuck in the town and that stupid Church for the whole season.


Wait till they’re stuck is a stupid apartment in season 2! It’s far more boring :confused:


I thought there was much to love about the town though. Quincannon was cool, and I loved what they did with the angels. Did you get to that big fight with them yet?