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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Binged the first season.

It’s aight. It’s not raucous or laugh-out-loud. It’s slow and at times dry, very much…sensible. It’s a sensibly humorous show with some attempts at dramatic serialization near the end.



It gets better as it goes. Some of the characters, like the King, never work for me though.

A lot of the arc stuff, especially the final episode with the mother, is a bit too predictable though.


I’ve heard that, but I disagree. I think it stays steadfastly “okay” from the get-go.


Yesterday afternoon got hit with one of those short-term fever/chills things I get sometimes which puts me right to bed; but does not include restful healing sleep. So, dozing, i ran most of the Marvel movies I owned. Fever broke around the middle of Civil War. Let me tell ya, in and out of being awake with movies running can lead to some strange dream segments!

So, so glad i didn’t turn on Justice League


I saw Equalizer 2 tonight. Enjoyed it plenty. Nothing is too earth-shattering or innovative but I found the film to be competent, with some good moments, and Denzel elevates the material. It’s so enjoyable to watch him, whether he’s bringing pathos or being self-righteous.
Has anybody else seen this yet? I know that it came out in the US last month, but today is opening day for the UK.

It’s enjoyable enough to watch a mid-budget R-rated action movie, but having the final third-act set piece be set in a town being hit by a hurricane was pretty original, and added elements to a standard Western showdown that I hadn’t really seen before.


I just finished it and I agree with you. It really is a slow show. Simpsons and Futurama are electric shows that pop and move. This just dragged.

I think my biggest issue was that it tried to tell a story, not stories. Futurama had great individual episodes but it had little bits seeded across seasons that would come together in a later episode. And you never realized those bits meant something until they were pulled together! You could also enjoy each episode on its own. Disenchanted is trying to tell one story. This is a heavily serialized series. I think that weighs everything down.

Another weakness for the show is the characters. They all seemed kind of toned down. You look at Simpsons and Futurama and all the characters are over the top but it works in the overall tone and structure. In Disenchanted, the characters seemed to have their volume turned down.

The basic concept has a lot of potential but Disenchanted feels like an average sitcom that happens to be animated.


They’ve all been good, the ones I’ve seen - TF, Star Wars, Star Trek, LEGO, Barbie.


Last night I watched The 2008 film Vantage Point for the first time.

It’s not Rashomon.


I disagree. Did you see the same film I did?


Yeah, it was amusing, but the timing felt off for me. I didn’t actually laugh out loud at anything.


The Package - We were looking for something funny to watch last night and this Netflix Original scratched that itch. I’m a big fan of dick and fart joke humor like Mallrats and American Pie. This had plenty of that. There’s even a dick joke in the title and the whole story revolves around a dick. I really liked a lot of the setups and payoffs. The wifi joke was one of my favorites. It does seem that the casting director got confused by the two different ethnicities that are sometimes called “Indian” but that hardly gets in the way. This was 90 minutes of fun on a Friday night. So if you like puerile humor (like me), give this a try.


I’ll have to check that out. I used to think comedies were intended to be funny, but going by Netflix’s comedy section, that rarely seems to be true so it’s always a risk.

There’s a weird “movie” on Hulu called Allegiance of Powers. It’s a “super” “hero” “movie,” technically, but the characters aren’t very super or heroic and they generally stand in one place due to the excessive amount of green screen for really amateur effects. I think it might actually be a student web series collected for a 90 minutes or so running time.

I didn’t think it was very good, but it kept me watching because it had interesting ideas that it really didn’t have the ability to express. It’s kind of a case where they would probably have been better off using the tiny budget they had to publish an interesting Indy superhero comic book.

But with a better title. Allegiance of Powers just sounds like an Asylum picture.


eh, don’t get your hopes up… I ended up fast-forwarding and then just stopped watching it altogether… :smile:

that said, now I want to watch something like that… so maybe a re-watch of Waiting? =P


Titles are a neglected area. Even low budget films can have good ones, which are usually better than the films themselves (‘Jurassic Shark’ is a wonderful title for a less than wonderful movie) but titles are often the first thing you hear about a movie. They should engage your interest.

‘Allegiance of Power’ tells me nothing. I’d probably assume it was a political thriller?


Just Googled that movie. It looks terrible.


I watched Ghost in the Shell yesterday. Great-looking movie and fun to watch, but it felt like they’ve streamlined and simplified the story too much - it’s all on the surface and fairly predictable, and the sense of mystery that the original managed to establish wasn’t there. It was still good though.

I also watched American Ultra, which was also quite fun for what it was.

Also, it feels like Walton Goggins is in like every movie I’ve watched recently. This, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Hateful Eight… okay, looking at his imdb, those were the three big movies he’s been in in the last three years, plus Tomb Raider, but still - things are definitely going well for him. Which is great really, he was fantastic on Justified.


Watched Upgrade. It was a fun cheap and cheerful Cyberpunk film.
Worth a shot if that sounds like your kind of thing.


That could just as easily be a description of the anime compared to the manga, or the live-action movie compared to the anime


That Gary Bushell review of Content Provider actually makes it look like he’s in on the joke. :joy:


I guess if you don’t like to laugh… I rate this post two meh’s out of five. :wink: