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What are you watching? 2018 edition


To be fair his album is called Lost Scores.


Just got back from BlackkKlansman.

I think that reading the memoir before going and seeing this was a bit of a mistake on my part. Overall, it is a thoroughly entertaining and emotionally stirring movie. Not one of my favorites from Spike Lee, nor “his masterpiece” as some reviews say, but definitely one of his better films all around. It’s really only that reading the memoir just makes me cognizant of how fast-and-loose Spike was playing with events - and even dropping some of the more poignant moments from it.

Still though, a very impactful movie. Enjoyed it nevertheless.


Reminds me of Carpenter Brut, too.


Took an unscheduled day off from work today, so the missus and I finally caught Mission Impossible: Fallout at a local theater. It had everything I expect in a JJ Abrams film, and everything I want in an M:I film. I especially love how this episode has ties, one way or another, to all the previous episodes (with the exception of 2, which I prefer to treat as a fanfic that isn’t part of the official canon :wink: ).


It definitely had a nod to 2, or so I thought.
It’s interesting that McQuarrie says most of the things which are being pointed out as direct references weren’t intentional.


I was reading scripts for Cruise Wagner back when MI1 was in production and it was something of a joke that the adaptation of an ensemble television show essentially killed the entire cast in the first sequence of the film. However, it was a Cruise vehicle from the moment he said yes. Mission Impossible is Tom Cruise. And he is Mission Impossible. Alpha and Omega, baby.

In other news, I’m watching the Power Rangers movie. It’s a mix of mediocrity with some very entertaining moments. I’d recommend it which is unexpected.


It’s interesting that they’ve built a new team over the years.

It’s still Cruise in charge, but he clearly wants the other characters around him to have their moments and to matter to the plot.


The original conceit of the TV series was that it would have a star (Stephen Hill) and then a pool of guest stars, allowing flexibility. It was only due to production issues (Hill requiring the Sabbath off) that they ended up with a fairly fixed crew to pick up the slack. So the films have actually fulfilled the original concept better than the show did by giving Ethan a changing team.


I didn’t like Mission Impossible Fallout at all. I wonder if the movie I saw was a different one from what others saw.

What was up with that detonator? Wasn’t Tom Cruise still hanging from the cliff when the timer reached zero? So what was the point of trying to get it?


Watching Get on Up:


Very interested in this since I like Spike and this story happened just down in Colorado Springs.

One thing before eve seeing the movie - Colorado has definite regions. A bunch of them. The Wiki article is fascinating.


He ripped it with his teeth. He spits it out after.


Mark Kermonde’s series on classic film genres/types (scifi, heist films, etc.);

Warning, it’s chock full of spoilers. The assumption is that you’ve seen all of these films too, so don’t treat it as an introduction or a way of finding new movies. Plot twists and endings are referred to often.


It is absolutely great though. I want to show it to every Youtube “film critic” that does 50 minute “reviews” of films that are really just summaries of the plot and shout “you see! This is what actual film criticism and study is!”


Just binged Succession.
Not normally someone who likes “rich people whinging about”-type dramas. In fact, I rather dislike them. However, despite falling into some of the same pitfalls those do, this show keeps abreast enough to stay consistently watchable. And an entertaining character or two. All around, nifty.


Wife is a big Apatow fan (I like his stuff too) so we finally watched Funny People which received a mixed response upon release - I think she’d started watching it years ago but bailed partway through (it’s quite long).

Adam Sandler plays an Adam Sandler type, stand-up comic who’s moved into making big, dumb, lucrative movies - he finds out he’s got a rare disease and has a bit of a breakdown. There are quite a few threads to this, and the cast are all good (Eric Bana as the new husband of Sandler’s ex-girlfriend in particular), and while there are some funny moments it’s more drama than comedy.

Still, there’s enough there to make it worthwhile.

Also working our way through Fargo Season 3 after a several month break post Episode 2. Two more to go - it’s really quite good; they all have been.


‘Skyscraper’ is bonkers and not always in a good way.

The trailers are totally honest; it’s Die Hard in the Towering Inferno. You get exactly what you’ve paid for.

But both those movies kept their feet (somewhat) on the ground. This doesn’t.

The Rock keeps doing things which are not just dangerous, they’re insane. Like he’s lost his marbles insane.

Its also less skilled at hiding its mechanism. We’re ahown a bunch of things early on that clearly have no purpose except to pay off as part of the plot later. Nothing is incidental.

It does look great, some of the action is amazing (some a little less so) and it gets bonus points for integrating its Chinese location and cast much better than most co-production films have done.

Neve Campbell also gets more to do than a lot of “wife and mother” roles would give her. That isn’t just PC, it enhances the plot.

But it’s still overly irrational and just a little too soulless.

It could all be a bit better.


After having caught the first part of it on TV in India last year, I finally finished Suicide Squad. Bit of a waste of time.

And I watched the new Ghostbusters, which the kid loves. It’s an alright movie - too much focused on the Paul Feig kind of dialogue and too little on the plot for my taste, but it was entertaining enough. I thought Kate McKinnon did very well in Channeling Murray’s weird I’ve-just-walked-into-this-movie-and-don’t-really-give-a-fuck vibe that works so well for him.


Her and Hemsworth made it watchable for me. It picks up greatly whenever they have something to do.


They’re both great, in fact I like the whole cast, but the film is too loose and unfocused for me.

For that kind of money I want more than just funny people being funny and some cool VFX (I do like the glowing ghost designs they went with and the use of colour generally).

It’s all very sketchy; sketch comedy and sketched out story.

But I liked it enough that I wish it had cost half as much so they’d make more and get their act(s) together better next time.