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What are you watching? 2018 edition


I think that Steve has it right when he says the subtitles have problems. That being said, I loved it and found it to be very resonant. Crouching Tiger is like a Jane Austen novel though. Just with incredible fight scenes throughout.


I bought the German blu-ray release of Flashpoint recently, the full series set. If you’re wondering why German, well it seems to be the only country that’s released it all on blu-ray (and even if Canada has, region locks and whatnot). My German’s fairly rusty, but thankfully it’s pretty much the English language version, just apart from all the time captions and subtitles for characters speaking other languages being hardcoded in German, which isn’t ideal.

I’ve just finished the first series, which I’m fairly familiar with, as it was the only one on DVD in the UK. It holds up pretty well a decade(!) down the line, although I think Braddock is a bit too much of a tosser, especially early on, which makes the romance with Jules a bit hard to buy. Plus, I still think the opening titles need to come in when the cold open hits it’s big moment and rewinds to the start of the story, rather than five or ten minutes down the line, as they do.

There’s various special features across the set. The first season has a “making of” featurette, which is really just a contemporary Canadian TV fluff piece. But there’s also a set of interviews, which is the raw footage of cast and creator interviews shot for that featurette, that runs about ten times as long. Not only does it really illuminate the tedium of doing those kind of promo pieces for the actors (Enrico Colantoni seems pretty bored, Amy Jo Johnson keeps getting asked variations of the same question, so has to keep recycling the same few phrases) but what I found interesting is that none of the answers given by the one black cast member make it into the promo. You wouldn’t even know he was in the show going by that, as he’s not directly mentioned at all. Mind you, his character does end up getting pushed to the back a lot in the actual show and ends up the least defined, but still, it’s a bit suspect.


He’s never been better than he was in Shallow Grave. Came close in Moulin Rouge and Trainspotting, but he played Shallow Grave perfectly.


I’ll agree as well with this… Hero is probably the best one out of that batch of movies.

That said, my personal favorite was a lesser known movie called “Shinobi: Heart under Blade”, came out around 2005, and while it’s not as technically, or artistically, good as those others, I really like it because it’s almost like a live-action anime (almost like a live-action Ninja Scroll), and at that time, it wasn’t as common as it might be today.


Wouldn’t that make it more of a Japanese samurai film instead of a Chinese wuxia film?


Yeah it actually is a japanese movie… but it’s all kung-fuey and shit and came out around that period where hollywood was in love with asian movies… so =P


Better Call Saul is back, and as enjoyable as ever. The first episode handles the fallout from the season three finale well, and sets up some interesting plot strands for the series to come.

As ever, it’s a slow burn - and as ever, Mike gets some of the best material. It’s good to have the show back.


Best not to confuse Japanese and Chinese lest you wish to be Jeremy Hunt.


Thanks for the reminder!

I think I’ll get on that now when I go to bed, heavy eyes permitting


I said “batch of movies”… never said chinese… there were a lot of asian movies at that point, from japan, china and SK mainly but even from thailand with Ong Bak… or like the studio ghibli animes that caught fire in the west, those are japanese obviously =P


Somehow Jonathan Banks wandering around a warehouse is the most gripping thing on TV. It’s amazing.


It’s weird… BCS has been off the air for about a year. It comes back and nothing happens in the season premiere. Not one damn thing. And I watched it twice and was completely captivated each time. How the hell do they do that?

I also wonder what someone who watched the episode, who had never seen any BB or BCS, would make of it.


My wife only watches it occasionally and she checked out of last night’s episode pretty early on. I don’t think there’s much there for the casual fan any more. But if you’ve been sticking with it as we all have, it’s just great.

The audience knowing these characters so deeply means they can convey so much with just a look or a couple of words. The breakroom scene with Mike was hilarious in that way.


Okay I just discovered this super cool music video/short film in a completely 80’s way of doing things, as in zero CGI, all practical effects… very Thriller-like in concept… of course it had to come from the genius mind of Brendon Small =P

Also, kinda looks better than nu-SW :smile: Okay not really, but a nice throw back to that 80’s sci-fi… kinda reminded me of Lynch’s Dune as well…


That was pretty cool. The music and video remind me of a more sci-fi version of some of The Sword’s music and videos.


600 Bottles Of Wine, an eight-part Australian web series that’s been compiled into a four-part TV series that the BBC have up on iPlayer (under the BBC Three banner).

It’s a quite amusing comedy based around a woman who starts dating again after coming out of a long-term relationship, and discusses her love life with her mates in the pub.

The episodes are short - even doubled-up from the web series, they’re barely twenty minutes each - but it keeps things moving and means nothing outstays its welcome. We ended up watching all four in one go as it’s not too repetitive from episode to episode either.

The content is fairly well-trodden relationship stuff, but the actors are all fairly charming and believable and the supporting cast is likeable. It’s not Catastrophe-level stuff although it feels like it’s going for that kind of thing.

It comes to a bit of an abrupt and inconclusive end though. Presumably there’s more on the way.


If you like the music you should check out some of John Carpenter’s recent music videos.



Ah that’s cool, I didn’t know Carpenter was doing his own music… usually he hires bands for the soundtracks =P

Oh, and I do like Brendon Small… the first Galaktikon album is in my top 5 albums of the last decade… the 2nd one from where those 2 songs in the video come from sounds a lot more like Metalocalypse/Deathklok, which I also like, but I really prefered the style of the other album a lot more.


… I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.


Partly… I know he scores a lot of his movies, but like, I didn’t know he was making proper music stuff…