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What are you watching? 2018 edition


That’s disappointing to hear. I was really looking forward to seeing it.


Seriously, I thought it would be uplifting. My wife really wanted to see it.


Anticipation for ‘Christopher Robin’ seems pretty high, annecdotaly anyway, a lot of the people in my office want to see it.

It looks a bit too polished for me to really connect to it. I’ve seen that kind of story (or the story I assume it is, man recovers the lost enthusiasm he had as a boy) a few times, and it’s an important message, but one I need a little break from.


I thought it was pretty boring. Not bad, but kinda blah in a lot of places.


When we walked out of the theatre for Robin a kid about age 9 yelled “that was a waste of my time!” Everyone laughed.


Aw, that’s really sad to hear. Winnie the Pooh was my favorite Disney movie growing up so I was looking forward to this one. The trailers made it look really cute.


I’ve been reading the original Pooh stories with my son again recently and they are just great. The humour is so wonderful and the illustrations are charming. And towards the end it gets quite touching.

I don’t dislike Disney-Pooh (some of them have been done really well - like the 2011 cartoon movie that adapted a few of the stories into a single film) but more often than not I think it misses some of the charm of the books.


I have Golden Flower next on the pile to watch, and though I know I’ve seen it I can remember almost nothing about it. Surprised to find it’s dated as long ago as 2007, though, which wasn’t much after Crouching Tiger started the boom in 2000. You’re right that all these movies must have hit in a fairly brief time period. I guess they then went the way of the western.


I do.

For me, Disney did to Pooh what Zak Snyder did to Superman. Yes, it really was that bad.


If you’re a fan if the books I’d avoid this film at all costs. There is something depressing about watching Christopher Robin as an adult fighting in ww2 and coping with PTSD, and something very weird about the notion that these characters live on past the book’s finale, exist outside his childhood imagination, and can cross over into our world and be seen by everyone.


Ooh, that doesn’t sound good. Thanks for the warning.


Like I say, the 2011 movie makes up for a lot - it’s quite far removed from the ultra-cutesy stuff of past Disney outings. I like a few of the others too.


I don’t love Disney Pooh but kids do, and the books still exist, so I’m fine with it

Disney Tigger is worse than Jar Jar Binks though.


I think the original Many Adventures and the more recent feature (with music by Zooey Deschanel) are charming and surprisingly clever. I love all the stuff in Many Adventures with Gopher saying he’s “not in the book”.
Everything in between those is utter dross though.


I don’t understand Ewan McGregors career. It’s littered with terrible movies that just don’t sound right from the description alone. If Ewan is in a movie you can almost guarantee it’s going to be bad.


That was my take too. Hero is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen but it lacked the same emotional resonance.


I’ve loved him as an actor since Shallow Grave. So I want to love everything he’s in. It just seems like it’s been a while since I’ve really loved a film he was in beyond Trainspotting 2. Moulin Rouge, maybe?


Beginners was very good, back in 2011.


Ewan was excellent in Fargo, but his track record of movies has been terrible for some time.

It is funny he’s going to play both the grown up Christopher Robin and grown up Danny Torrance in the space of two years.


Living In Oblivion…

What other little seen 90’s movies need rediscovery?