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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Well played Mrs. Dodsworth. :wink:


Made worse by the fact she didn’t think much of it and would have preferred to have taken them to see “Sherlock Gnomes”.

Guess who is taking the boys to see Sherlock Gnomes in the morning…hint, it’s not the wife. Sigh.


The first 40 minutes is pretty much as entertaining as this premise would ever be.

And then it just refuses to end. Enjoy!


Sherlock Gnomes has a glorious cast. How bad can a movie starring James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp, Chwetel Ejiofor, Mary J Blige, Micheal Caine, Stephen Merchant and Ozzy Osbourne really be?




This ongoing tale of Dodsworth is more tragic than any movie I’ve seen in a while.


The irony is that it could make for a fun 90’s-toned family comedy.


Watched a few random episodes of Comedians in Cars last night - the Neal Brennan, Dave Chapelle and Ellen DeGeneres ones - I wasn’t keen on the Ellen one (not really a fan of her work) but it was the highlight.

She and Jerry got on so well, so the humour flowed really nicely - I could have listened to them talk for hours. Really good stuff.


I’m about to find out. If it’s rubbish I’ll gorge myself on popcorn until I pass out.


I re-watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon for the first time since it was in cinemas.

It’s still jaw-dropping. Even though we (in the West) had a run of similar films since this hit big, this may still be the best of them. Its strength really is its characters, who you really care about and sympathise with; even when you can remember the ending it’s still tragic to see the inevitable coming towards you, and understand why it is inevitable.

I could probably binge-watch this several times and not get tired of it.


Have you (re)watched Hero? I remember loving Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (it was actually one of the first films I took my now wife too) and then thinking that Hero was so far beyond it.


I remember thinking Hero was far better when I originally saw Hero, but now I’m not so sure. I will have to re-watch it, but my current feeling is that while Hero will still stand out visually, Crouching Tiger still has the better human story.


I need to rewatch it (its been years), but I do remember loving the use of color in that movie.


A friend from Hong Kong lent me the Chinese cut of ‘Hero’, with the original translation on the sub-titles. I definitely think this is one time where that makes a big difference to the movie. It’s like a different draft of the dialogue, and that’s a really important part of the characters.


It made me wish I understood Chinese culture better, as I was sure the different colours had different meanings which would add to the film if I understood them!


The cinematographer is Chris Doyle, who’s Australian. He has spoken about the use of colour in the film;

It’s not just about symbolism, Chinese or otherwise.


Hmm. So should I read that before or after the re-watch?

Edit: never mind, read it :slight_smile:


You don’t need the information in order to enjoy the film. It’s academically interesting; why and who and where is all irrelevant to most people viewing most movies.

But if you want to know what was going through the heads of those who made the film then the interviews are out there.


I rewatched a whole bunch of Crouching Tiger type movies recently while up in the wee hours of the morning. I think Crouching Tiger is the best of them, but they’re all magnificent. I’m not sure if there’s been any new movies like them, it feels like we had maybe 5-6 around the same time period and it’s been quiet since.

I’m partial to the Golden Flower. That movie is amazing looking.


I saw Christopher Robin this weekend. I thought it was complete dogshit, a movie that was cynical, weird, and just plain wrong.

Even as Disney is printing money but they have to keep providing quality. Solo, Ant-Man, and Robin were all mediocre and underperformed. Incredibles made bank but good luck finding anyone who really liked it.

Robert Downey Jr, Ryan Coogler, and JJ Abrams strike me as the most important creative people there right now.

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