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What are you watching? 2018 edition


Season 3 of Rick and Morty is generally pretty good. I have to admit I’ve lost the interest I had in the series from Season 1 and 2. I basically don’t really care if the relationships of the characters develop. I’m more of a SIMPSONS kind of view who thinks that these sorts of shows work best if you can watch them in any order.

As far as adult oriented animation, I really like the work of this British (Scottish) Claymation master Lee Hardcastle. It’s gory and hilarious and I’d love it if there was a way Adult Swim could actually produce a show for him weekly. Or at least a 30 minute special some time.

“Died on the ride. Good name for a band, that is.”


That Simpsons one is amazing.


While waiting for the wife to get ready, I watched about a half-hour or so of Justice League. What little I did see was a complete dumpster fire.

Redneck Aquaman was an interesting take on the character. All he was missing was a red MAGA (Make Atlantis Great Again) cap. The Flash suit looked cheap and running effects were unimaginative.

I think what shocked me the most was how horrible the special effects were. They looked like what you would see on a 1990s television series. Everything just looked so bad and cheaply done. You could tell what was CGI. A lttle while later, I watched about 10 minutes on Avengers: Age of Ultron later on the special effects were far superior and it came out two years earlier.

I am glad I didn’t watch the whole thing. Hell, I’m not sure I would have given the opportunity. I can see why it failed.


I think Mission Impossible and the Conjuring are the two underrated franchises that usually deliver every time. Although I guess MI is no longer underrated.

Fast and the Furious used to be underrated but now it’s overrated.


And the best entries are underrated, if not disregarded.


That last point is pretty inevitable when you’re looking at something that could only be realised with CGI.

I haven’t seen Justice League yet, but I assume the stuff about '90s TV is exaggeration - the level of effects work we’re used to today is giving us higher and higher expectations and so we notice whenever anything isn’t absolutely cutting-edge, which is understandable. But from what I saw in the trailers the effects work was reasonably good, even if not the best I’d ever seen.


I watched Justice League a month ago. The effects are ok. They use effects differently than other superhero movies, the characters exist in an effects world whereas the Marvel characters exist in a more grounded real world. It makes a difference in how to put the movie together. For example while in the helicarrier the Avengers look like they’re in a normal conference room. It looks real. Whereas when Batman goes to see Flash his basement looks like some CGI unreal room.

It’s a serviceable movie, not as bad as it’s made out to be but not great either. If it’d come out in 2008 or if Marvel movies didn’t exist it’d have done much better. But it’s up against Marvel and on their quality scale it’d be near last on the list.


It’s not much of an exaggeration. Of the short bit I saw, it was so easy to see what was shot in front of a green screen. It really took me out of the scenes.


I give it a week before that product is available on Etsy.


Yeah there are some really shitty looking scenes, specially some of the re-shoots… Not al the FX are as horrible though.


Saw M:I 6 yesterday, and I was surprised.

An actual plot with twists and turns, character development, etc, to complement the action sequences. I enjoyed it.

Oh, and I was surprised by the M:I 1 connection, with the White Widow character mentioning her mother Max and her fascination with paradoxes. I was waiting for them to make it even more explicit, but they restrained themselves. :grinning:


Lost in Space (Netflix) Episode 1 - I was shocked at how boring this show was. I can’t imagine how a show about space exploration where the family crash lands on a strange planet would drag so much. It also was trying at times to be hard sci-fi while at other completely ignoring science. I honestly preferred the 1998 film and probably won’t continue with this one.


Well, that figures. The movie is really fun.


I especially have fond memories of the opening space dogfight scene.


This Cold War just got hot!


Sexy hot!

Wait, what?


And LeBlanc is nearly as wooden as every commentator would have you believe.


I just recently watched War for the Planet of the Apes, I know I’m late, but I finally watched it & I liked it. I think it’s my favorite of the Trilogy.


Finally got around to watching The Last Jedi. Some of it was good, some of it was stupid. It was long but I wasn’t overly bored. Enough stuff happened to pass time but I didn’t really care about any of it. Was it good, overall? Now I think about it… not really.


Der Dybbuk (1937)