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What are you watching? 2018 edition


I’ve not seen the latest M:I but watched this last night after it popped up in my YouTube feed.


I loved the second season. It’s definitely the best of the bunch. Like the first season it doesn’t quite stick the landing but there’s so many amazing moments I didn’t care. The main characters monologue about death was incredibly impactful for me as someone who has had multiple suicide in his family. The third season unfortunately was the weakest though. I am excited for the 4th.


Yeah, the last portion wasn’t quite up to the rest, but it was quite some journey to get there.

I’ll definitely watch it again, like you say there was a lot to like about it.


Funny to make Dark Knight comparisons, because Fallout clearly had it on its mind. There was the motorcade prisoner transfer sequence, the two sets of allies in peril, the burned face…I think these were deliberate parallels, and it kind of drives home the point that Dark Knight was first and foremost an action movie (although I think someone here either provided a link or argued that it isn’t an action movie, the Hollywood Reporter article maybe) rather than a superhero movie. And now we can see a lot of what it does in a different context. Even the idea of Ethan being comfortable being viewed as something other than what he is, or deciding he can’t have a relationship and still do what he does…I realize those two points are somewhat vague, but they’re connections.

Anyway, Fallout is definitely a highlight of the series. As for a ranking?

M:I:2 (Thandie Newton!!! Plus, Woo’s stylistic choices are totally in-line with the artistic direction in the first one.)
M:I:6 (For giving depth to the series.)
M:I:4 (Jeremy Renner was at the time considered a possible replacement for Cruise, and as such he’s the one time an up-and-coming actor isn’t styled the bad guy.)
M:I:3 (Abrams was a good choice to revamp the series into an ongoing model.)
M:I:5 (Nothing against this one, it’s just the most purely functional of them.)


No channel has bought it yet. I suspect someone will eventually as there are so many of them out there now but if you aren’t patient then it’s illegal methods.


Extinction: Another low budget sci-fi offering from Netflix. This time it’s about Micheal Peña, who’s having dreams about an alien invasion. And then one day, those dreams come true…

It’s not a particularly good movie, But it’s does have a cool reveal about halfway though, that I didn’t see coming.

It would work better if you took 30 minutes out of it. And made it into a Black Mirror episode.


It’s cool to see so many people enjoying Mission Impossible: Fallout. I haven’t seen it yet, but I do think the MI franchise is one of the more underrated action franchises out there. Outside of the second one, I think they’ve all been very consistent and entertaining action flicks. Cruise clearly loves making the movies and I think it shows. The fact that he’s been making them for 22 years now is pretty crazy.


Mission Impossible: Fallout

It’s very well made with some interesting character dynamics and some big action scenes but it’s about an hour too long. Not that anything in it is bad, there’s just too much of it.

The story isn’t really deeper because it goes on so long. We just take longer to get there.

Really, it feels like a two-part mini-series version, and someone forgot to edit it down.

If you need to fill your evening you’ll be fine, enjoy the aircon at the cinema and relax for two and half hours, but I’d have been happy enough with a strong 90 minutes.


Just read an interview with the two Castle Rock showrunners, Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason.

They sound like a pair of passionless bullshit artists.

Does not bode well. Really disappointed. Between this and the underwhelmed opinions upthread.

Having just checked them on IMDB I wonder how they got the job in the first place, their CVs don’t point to being a good fit for the job at all.


I’m curious as to what they say.

It’s not outstanding, but in the form of “horror season” nothing so far has below par.
Then again, it was that Ash vs. Evil Dead interview with the first showrunner which was truly enlightening about the problems.


Interesting, I know Marc Bernadin is on the writing staff and he does his podcast with Kevin Smith and he’s the exact opposite, very passionate about all he does. Loves comics and sci-fi and fantasy.


It’s in SFX, I can take a picture of the pages for you. Totally generic responses from them.

I’m not really big on the idea of taking the potential of so much of King’s work and dumbing it down for those who are not fans.

He’s the biggest name in horror for about 40 years. Fuck the non-fans.


Honestly, the only part I find aggravating there is the final answer.
The rest? Honestly, I’d rather have no references than something very tied in.

But as for the last answer - it seems rather odd to state that what the series is setting up as its main core conceit is something “only Stephen King can answer”. Makes me worried that this is going to just faff about at the end.


It feels to me like they are just faffing about in general.
It’s clear they’ve no idea where they are heading with this.

There’s no real statement of intent or direction here - it’s like a description of any one of a number of bland series of a simliar nature from Haven to Under the Dome, which at least had the good intention of focusing on characters, even if it didn’t pull it off in any sort of interesting way.

I’ll watch it and hope it surprises me, but the patter in this interview has me worried they have no idea who their target audience is.

The Master of Horror deserves better.


Man, you’ll be devastated when you see some of the other King adaptations from the last 40 years.


Thinner is a masterpiece!


This sounded like a Stephen King fan’s dream though, so much potential.


King isn’t writing it though. It’s authorised fan fiction, like any expanded universe by anyone other than the original creators.

It’s another viewpoint on what he does, not him doing what he does.


The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis is on.


Yeah, and it has the risk of becoming a “spot the Easter Egg” exercise as well the more they throw in specific references to all the work they have permission to use. They really need to focus on the specifics of the story, BUT so far, it also risks being an ongoing “mystery box” that will never be satisfactorily solved.

Which is actually something King himself almost never does. Well before the last act of his novels, everything is pretty clear. There may be unanswered questions, but you definitely know what is going on and why. If they drag out the answer to “what is basically going on” another three episodes, I’m not going to care.