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What are you watching? 2018 edition


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I set em up…

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The Castle Rock series released the first three episodes. A little confusing and slow, but well acted with a nice mystery. I thought it would be more like an anthology series or with intersecting storylines for different groups of people. If you’re familiar with Needful Things, it’s set in the same town but as if the events of Needful Things did not happen or at least did not happen in the same way.

There are references to Cujo and The Dark Half though as well as a few others (Shawshank is a major part of the story).


The trailer at least seemed to suggest that Needful Things did happen in some form (probably closer to the movie version than book one) since it had Pangborn saying that he used to not believe in the devil.


Not to spoil anything, but the events of most of the stories have happened and have influenced the residents in some way. But it’s not very imposing or obtrusive.

The show is more in the vein of say, Channel Zero or a season of American Horror Story, a mystery/drama and I like that route. If at least it’s not annoyingly dropping references like The Dark Tower movie did. So far it honestly doesn’t feel like it even needed to be a Stephen King show, which is a plus.


I’m bored.

But I’ve only seen the first episode and I want to like the show so… I’ll watch at least a couple more.


Mission Impossible: Fallout. I thought this was great.

It’s very much a sequel to Rogue Nation, and also does a good job of putting a cap on some Ghost Protocol plot points.
Henry Cavill was a nice addition to the cast. His turn as a villain wasn’t hard to guess. But they don’t try and hide it for too long, and the actual reveal was nicely done.

And I was happy to see Ving Rhames getting more to do here. I liked the way they used his friendship with Ethan.

Loved all the action. The bathroom fight and the car/ bike chases in Paris are fantastic. As is the whole third act. Great stuff.

New Ranking.
Mission Impossible
Ghost Protocol
Rogue Nation
Mission Impossible 3
Mission Impossible 2


I saw M:I - Fallout today and loved it. Who needs superheroes when you have a superstar? Cruise is as good as ever, and McQuarrie does great work as writer and director. I liked the (somewhat) darker tone, the set pieces, the callbacks, the questions asked of the characters and the way that they are tested. Oh, and I really like the theme. That was a grander, more sweeping rendition than we normally get. It really fit.

Yeah, it was IMAX 3D for me, which really did the trick. Super immersive (apart from one scene where a fly was seemingly buzzing around the projector. Landed on Cavill’s face, even!). The HALO jump scene really popped. Just brilliant stuff.

One of my favourite things about it was how it managed to juggle references to every prior movie. Fallout really is the title and that has the double meaning, referring to the nuclear weapons plot.

The stuff in Paris had my jaw on the floor. At that point all I could think was that this is “The Dark Knight of action movies” if that makes any sense at all? I’m not sure whether it does in the final evaluation, but all of the action in this is superb, and it can match Dark Knight in quality for sure.


Possibly. It is an interesting question if possibly a lot of people don’t really remember the past correctly when the supernatural is involved.


Just got back from Mission: Impossible - Fallout and I have to say that it is everything that Rogue Nation should have been. Wherever that felt limp this succeeds. And it really exceeds it in places. You feel and believe much more of the scope and intensity of the Syndicate this time around and it’s so worth it.

Plus, all of the punking and ruse-cruising was amazing.

If I had to rank it would go:
Mission: Impossible 3
Ghost Protocol
Mission: Impossible 1
Rogue Nation
Mission: Impossible 2


This whole ranking of the Mission Impossible films interests me, because since 2 they’ve all been pretty interchangeable. I honestly don’t know which of them from 3 and after I’ve seen, even though I’m sure I enjoyed whichever ones I did see.


Did you watch the second season of channel zero, Tom?

It’s just that I don’t know anyone else who has watched it and I can’t talk to anyone about it

Some of it absolutely blew me away, I’m glad this never came out when I was a kids because it would have fucked me up


So no UK release as yet for castle rock ?

I had thought this was a Netflix thing, this is annoying

What’s my options here? Watch it on a dodgy site?

Don’t tell Patrick…


I’ve been so behind on binging a lot of stuff but I will get caught up on it soon if discussing it is something you want to do.
And as for Castle Rock not even dodgy sites have it yet.


I think 4 is pretty clearly the best but yeah, they are pretty interchangeable, and all pretty good. The series is certainly consistent if nothing else.


So the second season is called No End House, it felt pretty original to me, and that couple with some dream logic style scenes and quite horrible images and ideas kinda upped the tension if not quite the fear factor. I felt pretty addicted by it and because it didn’t feel predictable it made me really keen to keep watching.


Yeah, that’s how I felt about the first in some way, and the issue with the fear factor is something that is a problem with most of these season-horror-anthology shows. But Channel Zero season one was at least more ordered and consistent. So I have been meaning to check out this one.


Have to say I agree with everyone on the new Mission Impossible movie. Pretty good stuff. It was a stout 2 hours and 20 minutes but flew by.

I’m not at all feeling “superhero fatigue” but boy it is refreshing to watch an action movie that involves helicopter and motorcycle chases, bathroom punch-em-ups, ticking timebombs, literal cliffhangers, and all the classics as opposed to yet another epic superpower climax.

Henry Cavill was an absolute badass too.


I have to believe that part of the secret genius of these movies is only playing the full main theme at the beginning and the end - with only variations in between. It’s such a great theme and kick-starting and launching the beginning and end are prime placements. Hearing the variations only creates anticipation to hearing it again too.