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What Are You Watching? 2015-2016 Season


House of lies is a great show; it deserves far wider audience.


What did I come away from after watching Future Shock: The Story of 2000AD? Pat Mills really does like speaking his mind! I also fee a wee bit sorry for Dave Bishop.


Well, The Bridge Season 3 really did supply an all encompassing array of utter arseholery! Every single permutation and variation on waste of oxygen arseholes was here:

Corporate Boss
Abusive Authority Figures
Amoral Journos
Incompetent Arse-Kissing Cop

Probably missed a few too - they really did cover all the bases and then ended on a bugger of a cliffhanger! There better be a 4th series.


Watching the Louie two parter which is a flash back to his youth smoking weed…what a piece of art this show is. He even made Jeremy Renner act his ass off.


Yeah, I loved those episodes, and Renner in them. Good stuff.


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Night at the Museum 3 is a fun but odd film. It’s made pretty poignant by the unexpected death of Robin Williams, which ties in with his character’s sort of death at the end of the film. It’s an odd decision to consciously close off a movie series like this. It’s been so sporadic I don’t think anyone really would have minded if it had had an open ending then faded away.

The film’s somewhat let down by Rebel Wilson’s character though, which is just atrocious (like her British accent). It feels like they could have easily Toy Story 3ed it, by closing off the original trilogy while setting up for more in the British Museum, which it almost does, but that would have required a stronger actress than Wilson to be the British equivalent of Larry. The ending is undermined by the big party scene. You can put “3 years later” up all you want, but it dulls the impact of the actual ending to then (temporarily) undo it for a party immediately after.

Hugh Jackman nearly steals the show though.


I thought Lancelot stole the film, but Jackman’s appearance was part of that and he was terrific.


Did you get to see on a big screen in the end? I know that you had been hoping to.


Just watched it on DVD (which the wife got me for Xmas). It’s showing at a local cinema but I don’t think I’ll get a chance to catch it.


I watched the Robocop remake yesterday. After about half an hour I had the feeling that if I turned it off at that point, I wouldn’t miss a thing - and I was right. The plot was tedious and full of stereotypes, it was lamost halfway through the film before Robocop even appears, and the closest is comes to the original’s wit and verve was when it appropriated one of the former’s famous lines.

The best thing about it is that some of the action sequences were competent.



I can see why the director was picked to make ‘Blade Runner 2’ (if that ever happens), what with this and ‘Enemy’, he has a gift for understated creepiness, dread and using locations (especially architecture) to set the mood.

The film itself is basically a cross between a very good episode of ‘Miami Vice’ and ‘No Country for Old Men’, with Emily Blunt as the cop who gets in over her head when she joins an anti-drug task force targeting a Mexican cartel that’s moving aggressively into America.

Some people feel the movie loses focus in the final section, and I understand why, but I found the shift to be effective, if a bit cliched.

Blunt is great, and everyone else does quality work too. Roger Deakins also makes it looks good too.


I can only assume the film got lost along the long road to making it. There’s an interesting update there, but it’s caught between being a dumb action movie and actually having something to say.


We caught up with the final season of Peep Show over the last few days because, really, what better viewing for the festive season is there? It went out on a note that was predictable, depressing and, above all, perfect. So long, El Dude brothers.


Yeah, I really liked the final season. Not as strong as the best of Peep Show, but a satisfying conclusion in nearly every way. The last scene, both “jokingly” describing how they’d murder each other, is such a perfect place to leave off on Mark and Jeremy’s relationship.


I watched it all, and thought it was great. Could probably have been trimmed a bit in parts, but it mostly worked really well.

It helped that it had an excellent cast: Aidan Turner, Charles Dance, Sam Neill, Toby Stephens, etc. Miranda Richardson was a bit underused though. I hadn’t seen the lead, Maeve Dermody, in anything before; it looks like she’s mostly done Australian stuff like Serangoon Road, but I’m looking forward to seeing her in more stuff.


I think mileage varies a lot with these things.

I’m happy to watch character or plot but 15 minutes of nothing very much, just to get the to the island, was too much for me.

The cast was what made me tune in, but I do wish someone had taken a pair of scissors to the film, or better yet, the script.


I think their hands are tied by the BBC needing three ~58 minute episodes. Cutting to 3x45 would probably be too much.


It’s one the problems that TV faces, vs movies. Movies can be any length (over 75 minutes, which is the usual minimum) so 90 minutes, 93 minutes, 113 minutes etc. is all ok.

TV has time slots so sometimes they pad and sometimes they cut out things that are really essential.

It’s part of the discipline of US television that the successful writers know how to hit those beats and get their timings for all the acts (and the ad breaks) down to the second.


Allowing writers to go as long as they want can be a bad thing too. In its final seasons, Sons of Anarchy often ran for 90+ minutes an episode, and it’s one of the reasons I stopped watching: