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What Are You Watching? 2015-2016 Season



Yep, it holds up. :slight_smile:

Respect to Hiddlestone for paying his scenes in that outfit. That had to be heavy!


I mostly liked it, but thought it was a bit too neat.


Arrow: Season 3 eps 1-7

Well, that was quite the swift set of episodes for a blitz session! Wait, I have to get Flash S1? Oh, fie, such money-grabbing bastards… except it has one hell of a rep and the links are pretty clear already!

Yep, so that’ll be the next imminent acquisition!


Finally saw all of HE NEVER DIED.

Very enjoyable with a few letdowns due to budget constraints. However, Henry Rollins is great in this role. I hope they manage to turn it into a television series or mini-series as originally intended.


Yes, that’s the story. I’m not sure I believe it, because it seems to show a complete misunderstanding of the film and I can’t believe John Wayne was that dense. Also, didn’t Wayne ever make a film where his job done, he rode off into the sunset?

Does anyone really need spoiler tags for High Noon? :laughing:

In chronological order:

High Noon
Gunfight at the OK Corral
Rio Bravo
The Magnificent Seven
El Dorado
High Plains Drifter
Pale Rider

I admit it’s a very capricious list and probably not a “best of” :slight_smile:


Anyone born after 1952 who’s never seen it? :slight_smile:


There are people who have never seen High Noon? :scream:


Poor, deprived souls that they are, yes.


Good question. Last week I saw someone put spoiler tags when mentioning something that happened in the Bible, so I wasn’t sure what the statute of limitations was any more. :confused:

That’s a pretty decent selection. I’m not ashamed to admit to crying at the end of the Magnificent Seven when I first saw it. It is the bit with the three little boys, who earlier tell Charles Bronson that they will avenge his death and put fresh flowers on his grave, putting fresh flowers on his grave.

I have to admit that High Plains Drifter freaked me out when I saw it. However I was quite young when I did, so that was probably a very normal reaction.

I assume that you’re going down the route of more traditional westerns rather than Spaghetti Westerns. I remember liking a lot of the Jimmy Stewart/Anthony Mann movies like Winchester '73, and The Searchers probably has John Wayne’s best acting role (if you can look past the dodgy racist bent). Apart from The Good The Bad and Ugly, The Outlaw Josey Wales is my favourite Clint Eastwood film. It is quite a weird movie though, and I’m not sure how much it qualifies as traditional western. It is kind of revisionist.

In any case, good luck with “research”. I did something similar with The Man with No Name Trilogy for a play I was planning on writing. The play never happened (or not yet at any rate), but I immensely enjoyed watching the movies.


That’s the remake of this classic, isn’t it?



One of Ean Connery’s best films!


I love Ean.

He made a great Ames Bond.


I got that from Oogle Images by mistake.



I know it’s not popular but I prefer Oger Moore.


I dunno, I think Oger Moore was always better as the Aint.


Either way I really want to watch Outland again now. Love that movie.


im Dalton looks more like a name badge you have to wear on a training day, so let’s not go there.


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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season

New thread here. If you haven’t watched Daredevil Season 2 yet, you should.