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What Are You Watching? 2015-2016 Season


We have a new season season of television that began last week! This is the place to talk about everything you’re watching whether it’s on TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, Netflix, or Amazon Instant.

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What are you watching thread?

I watched the latest episode of “You’re The Worst”.

God, this show is brutally funny. It has a British sitcom sensibility to it. It holds nothing back but it has nuance. For me, it is the best live action sitcom on television.


These things always get restarted when I just start to get a few posts in the old one. :wink:


Heroes Reborn? Stillborn. :sob:

Just couldn’t hold my interest …


I’m onto the last couple of episodes of Boardwalk Empire season four. Like always with this show, the slow build-up of the early episodes in the season is paying off in spades on this closing stretch. It’s all coming together in a very compelling way.


Yeah it was pretty weak overall. Sort of a re-hash of the 1st series 1st season, without the novelty it had back then… but meh, it’s only 13 episodes, I’ll stick with it unless it gets as dire as it did post S1.

Oh, the japanese part was groan inducing on every level… u_u


Mr Robot turned up on iFlix (Asian version of Netflix).

I gave it a go after the Nerdist crew were so into it. Really intriguing start and Rami Malik is suprisingly charismatic playing a character who is socially withdrawn. I’ll carry on watching.


Mr Robot has just been announced as hitting Amazon’s streaming service in the UK in a couple of weeks too. I’ll give it a look.


I watched Scream Queens which I enjoyed. But only for the moments where it’s being deeply ironic, like when Ariana Grande is killed by the Red Devil and texts her screams etc .

There’s about a moment like this every 15 minutes or so, which makes two or three a show. Aside from that it’s terrible, formulaic, and MTV.

It’ll give it another episode or so, but only for the tongue-and-cheek aspect. I don’t imagine I’ll stick around.

The Muppets wasn’t awful, it was kind of weird though.

Mr Robot is fantastic.


I watched ‘Horror Express’, an old (1970’s) horror film with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and (for about 15 minutes) Telly Savalas.

Most of the film is set on a transiberian train, but it was shot in Spain and everyone is dubbed, the three English-speaking stars dubbed themselves thankfully.

It’s a fairly straightforward plot at the start, when a frozen, fossil caveman in the baggage compartment thaws out and people start dying, but then the psuedoscience gets really bad, there’s a Rasputiin look-a-alike involved, a thief, spies, a police detective and finally Savalas as a flamboyant Cossak.

The plot is inspired by ‘Who Goes There?’, the same story that gave us ‘The Thing’, but if you didn’t know that you’d never guess from the movie.


I watched Man Up, the Simon Pegg/Lake Bell romcom. Not great, but better, and funnier, than I expected.


It was mostly okay until they got to the usual ultra-sappy corny cliché ending… ugh I wanted to punch the movie at that point… u_u


I didn’t really like it.


I couldn’t get into Mr Robot at all. Gave up after 3 episodes.

It just seems like a mish mash of cultural, smart, edgy stuff without any more rhyme or reason to it. Fighting evil corporations that control the whole world by doing very evil stuff? Check. Impossibly handsome autistic nerd loser computer guy who also uses drugs and somehow isn’t a complete slobbering mental asylum dweller? Check. Mysterious hacker collectives composed of impossibly handsome, multicultural young types plotting a worldwide revolution hiding in a decrepit old shack on Coney island? Check. Impossibly handsome, super sharply dressed repressed corporate shark guy with a BDSM fetish who pays hobos to let him beat them up? Check. Story? Uhh, what was that?


I’m not sure where you’re getting all the impossibly handsome stuff. It’s not like it’s The Vampire Diaries or anything.

Anyway, it’s awesome. And it references a classic film every episode. And there is very much a story.


Well Christian Slater doesn’t fall into the impossibly handsome category. And they even gave him a scruffy stubble look to emphasize.


Meanwhile there’s a bit of twitterstorm about the latest South Park episode. Still love you Matt and Trey. Keep fucking them all to death.


We don’t have TV but might actually go to a friends house to watch The Walking Dead when it premiers.


Let’s not go THAT FAR. Did you see MTV’s Scream?
Makes Scream Queens look as good as Cheers or Fraiser, television wise.
Scream Queens is stupid and vapid - but it’s a nice palette cleanser from that and AHS’s boredom.

I’m willing to give it some leeway because it’s stylish. Formulaic? Yeah, but at least it doesn’t drone on and on like its peers have.


Christel and I watched it and we were amused. It was far from great television but we got some laughs. We’ll stick with it for a while.

I like the little homages and how it plays with tropes.

I will say this, Ryan Murphy can really cast a TV series.