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What are you listening to?


May have told this story, but last time I played with other folks was out at the ranch in Erie. Forget the guy on the drums, but he was hot. So we kicked into Highway Star, and my buddy Rudy took the lead and fuckin’ smoked it. Just at the last verse, my friend Trey pops up with “Play a lead!” at which point I quit playing. Rudy did not need any “help” certainly not from me! :laughing:

Oh, and I just stumbled across this:


To tie into discussions held elsewhere on this forum, here’s a song that is at or near the top of any list of greatest Australian songs, the Vietnam vet anthem “Khe Sanh” by Cold Chisel from 1978:

Don Walker has said the song was inspired by a number of people, including, “the guy from the next farm,” who came back from Vietnam, “severely changed for the worst,”


Return of the Living Dead soundtrack. One of my favorite collections of (primarily) punk tunes ever.


Today is New Music Monday and for the first time I have an album from 2017 to listen to.

Hot-off-the-presses is Cracks in the Room by Twelfth Day. It’s… “interesting”. And that’s exactly what I was expecting, because they aren’t really a typical group. They get billed as “folk” but Esther Swift is a contemporary classical composer, so she doesn’t write tunes that are easy to listen to, or vocals that fit neatly into pretty melodies, so the whole thing makes you feel a bit off balance.

Hmm. No songs from the new album on youtube, but this older one will give you an idea:



Listening to this that a friend gave me for my birthday.



This is a great tune from Roots Manuva but I adore the video. In the era of boastful rap stars he subverts it very funnily.


Hahaha. That was awesome.


Holy shit. Is that young Busta Rhymes?


Yes, it is. He started out with Leaders of the New School.


I was at a party a little before Christmas and a guy had this on vinyl. I was surprised how different the style was to Eminem’s other albums. It was much more old school New York style rap. I’ve been keeping my eyes out for it on vinyl but don’t have much hope unless it’s repressed.


The BBC have just announced the Folk Awards nominees for 2017. Predictably, this hasn’t appeared anywhere on the BBC’s own “Entertainment and Arts” page :rolling_eyes:

But in honour of the nominees I have been listening to Rachel Newton (Musician of the Year)

The Furrow Collective (Best Group)

Nancy Kerr (Best Original Song)

and finally Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker (Best Duo)


This story is directly linked from the Entertainment & Arts page:

Apparently it has importance equal to Madonna adopting more kids:


Oh, so it is. I take back my snide comment.

I think I probably read as far as “Star who lost her…”, decided it was irrelevant and skipped the rest :smiley:


I don’t know, these kids today with their short attention spans.


Nothing in BBC News about Chris Rock’s marriage, eh?

Wonder how that’s going…


Finally getting around to giving “Sorceress” a full play through.