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What are you listening to?


For my money, even better than the Dead at jam and improv. I have a couple of these uber-long Purple live sets too. They’re one of the rare bands I key in to every segment of an improv.


Sweet, he’s cool, and I confused him with En Esch for solo albums, though I dig En Esch’s solo work.

Just for you, here’s one of my live shots of Ogre from Skinny Puppy when I covered their gig in NYC in 2007, then an interview with cEvin Key the day after.


I honestly thought this was a comedy sketch when it started. Then I thought, hold on, that’s Simon Rattile, and started it again and paid proper attention.

Contemporary classical music doesn’t always work for me, and Ligeti is on the borderline of “interesting, but I’m not convinced I like it”. But as this wore on, it went from being “interesting” to “engrossing” as the dynamics drew me into the piece. It’s actually brilliant, and brilliantly performed by the soprano and the orchestra (and Rattle’s “solo” is perfect):


Because you should listen to this, all the time.




SEGA have uploaded the whole Megadrive soundtrack for Golden Axe to Spotify.



Lots of Eighties today - forgot how many tunes Talking Heads had, and how much I like them.


Any resemblance to my current state is pure coincidence.



I love some New Edition but they’re just not the same without Bobby Brown. In fact, I probably prefer just Bel Biv DeVoe without the other two to this iteration.

Or some solo Bobby Brown. :wink:

This too.


I’ve actually wondered how this song would have sounded if Bobby sang Johnny’s parts:


It’s almost like they made Ricky, Michael and Ronnie into glorified back up singers. What a waste. No wonder they left.



Ricky was definitely slept on as a vocalist.



New Mastodon!!!


Like this guy live and found his album’s on Spotify.


John Shuttleworth is brilliant. His radio shows have been fantastic over the years.


I was always aware of him and had seen some TV stuff but got really into him very recently. About to book tickets for his show in March.