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What are you listening to?


One with a variable track list, I see!





Today is New Music Monday #4 and I shall mostly be listening to Here’s my Heart Come Take It (2016) by Rachel Newton.

I’m not as taken with this as I am with her previous album (Changeling, 2014). She sounds beautiful, of course, but the choice of material doesn’t grab me as much as Changeling did.

But still, she sounds beautiful and if the combination of voice, harp, and modernised folk music is your thing you definitely need to listen to this (and Changeling, obviously):


Weirdly enough, on a bit of a Power Rangers theme song kick:


The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II



Been playing with a playlist (which seems appropriately playful), tagged ‘Oldies’ for now, it ranged from early stuff into the Eighties. Put “Great Gig in the Sky” by Brit Floyd because Ola’s voice hits that spot for me. The rest of it, basically should be dancin’ music, I guess.

Meant to be an audio list, I just like messin’ around on YT.

PS: These videos are completely free of “fat old men in flannel playing guitars”.


If you know spanish, it´s a beautifull song…
If you Don´t. It Still is.




BBC Radio 6 is hosting a recording of an Oasis’ gig from 1994 for the next 2 weeks or so.



Well here’s a really sad thing. I just followed a friend’s link to a band called Tears of Eternity, who released their debut album last year. It’s beautiful, a perfect combination of everything I love in modern music:

So I went to read up on the band and it turns out that the singer, Aleah Stanbridge, died of cancer last April, age 39. The album was released posthumously.

I can’t express how depressed that makes me :frowning:


here listen to this and feel better



Front 242 were one of the most layered industrial bands out there. I was also fond of Front Line Assembly, Tack-Head and of course, Revolting Cocks. I interviewed Sascha from KMFDM a couple times and he was kind enough to have me down to a dig. Pretty funny guy, but I’ve always thought his work (including his solo stuff) really makes the most of minimalism because he focuses on groove and drive.


I met Sascha briefly when KMFDM played here about 10 years ago, he was very polite to a gushing fanboy


It’s Favourite Album Friday #4! Today I shall mostly be listening to Scandinavian Nights (aka Live in Stockholm 1970), a double album that started as a bootleg and eventually got an official release. Others will tell you there are better shows from 1970, but this is the one I’ll always reach for.

The long improvisations on Wring That Neck (32 minutes) and Mandrake Root (29 minutes) are why these recordings are prized, of course. But as I know none of you will even attempt to listen to a song that long, here’s one of the shorter ones: