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What are you listening to?


That’s a hell of a review and yes, headphones make all the difference. I never write a music review these days without the final analysis coming through headphones.



Industrial is my primary jam, and even the most minimalist bands there have so much going on that you can listen to a song for years and still find new sounds and intricacies all the time. Headphones are almost mandatory


Wayback Wednesday.


@davidm - Spirit - was reminded of an album called The Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus. An album that apparently vanished into a black hole in my brain, for I do not remember hearing it. You know it? Opinion?


It’s been a rough two weeks at work;


Lamya - Empires




I don’t know it and I have only a dim knowledge of Spirit. Definitely sounds like the sort of band I would like, but so many bands so little time…

Trivia: Randy California once subbed for Ritchie Blackmore due to illness and played one Deep Purple show in Quebec City, April 6 1972.

If you ever find a bootleg of that show, you could name your own price :slight_smile:


I’ve had this stuck in my head all day (because of the new t-shirt design I released today).


I couldn’t decide on what to listen to tonight while working on some stuff, so through the wonders of YouTube I decided to go for this.



It’s Favourite Album Friday (which is feeling like it ought to be renamed Deep Purple Friday) #3. Today I shall be mostly listening to Deep Purple in Rock (1970).

I defy anyone to argue against this being one of the key albums in the development of hard rock, probably only equalled by Black Sabbath’s and Led Zepellin’s debuts for impact and influence on the genre. Whole books have been written about this single album (it’s true, I’ve got one of them!)

It also contains what I personally consider to be the best rock song of all time (and the greatest piece of music ever written by anyone whose name was not “Bach”). This is literally the song that made me a rock fan:



Hot Damn, @JRCarter. You’ve got taste! :smiley:



Today’s welcomed earworm/writing companion



Listened to some new vinyl yesterday morning.