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What are you listening to?


That features a great vocal performance from Kees Immink as ‘Ewok no. 7’.


This Kees Immink?


No, the other one.


Today is Favourite Album Friday!

I shall be mostly listening to (possibly) my favourite piece of music of all time: Concerto for Group and Orchestra (1969 version).


@davidm, I’m listening to the 70s Rock station on Pandora and with every song, I just want to yell, “FUCK YEAH!!!”


Good morning.


I see your Mark Ronson and raise you Rachel Bloom parodying him:


Am I grown up enough for King Crimson?


His UK shows last year got amazing reviews. Grown men wept :wink:


One of my goals is to continue to get healthy enough to actually go out and be able to function like a human being for a few hours, at least long enough to catch a concert! Missed Donovan and my friend Jason Daniels both playing within a few miles, and i find that rather intolerable. Red Rocks might be a bit much (quite a bit of walking, up, down, in, out - and the worse to try to find a bathroom!). But this is Boulder County, and there’s music everywhere. Trick is to get to it!



Just a little lullaby


I don´t even have to tell why.


New Music Monday #2: Today I have been mostly listening to Ahoy Hoy (2016) by Boreas.


The sounds of your youth is amazing really. I was just watching a Hip Hop documentary on Netflix that showed it was invented the year I was born in 1973. It just took a long time to get recorded with Rapper’s Delight.

This is what I was listening to as a youth.

That’s old man’s music, Miqque’s choices of fat white men playing guitars in plaid shirts are now in the ‘antique’ section. :smile:


Yeah? Here’s a not-so-fat white guy still on the charts!

And ain’t plaid so much as clan…


Dear friends,

Hawkwind is so weird and outworldly and totally out of time it’s good again,



Friend of mine has been involved with Hawkwind for many a year. Right now, the library site is down (don’t know when/if it shall return), but I do think there is a lot of material “wandering around on the web”.


One of my favorite post-rock acts. If you get the chance to see 'em live, do it. You won’t regret it.


Tim Bowness has released this song from his forthcoming album. I’ve never been that interested in his music (though he impressed me when I saw him live last year) but I love his lyrics here.

The album is apparently a concept album about a fading (fictional) classic rock musician looking back over his career. I guess I find so much meaning in the lyrics because I’ve spent decades watching all the non-fictional versions of the character: