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What are you listening to?


I actually used to work with a guy named Kees.


I’m advised his real name was Reg.




Nah, he looked less like a tree.


I don’t want to come back after being gone so long and get into another row, but I’m not having this :slight_smile:

I’m no longer as much of an anorac about music and sound as I once was, but it’s still a passionate subject and speaking both objectively and subjectively, the listening experience of vinyl compared to cd or worse yet, MP3s/streams is far superior - and it doesn’t take a top of the range sound system to get the benefit either. A straight forward technics 1210 (or anything comparable) with a simple amp and monitors is more than enough to hear the difference. More than enough.

Subjectively, I have a vinyl collection of about 2500 records (which used to be more until I started selling it off) and thousands of CDs and digital/downloaded tracks - the only time I’ll ever listen to CDs or digital tracks is in the car or on the move. In the house and to fully appreciate an album it would always be vinyl, unless I’m busy and doing stuff at the same time. It’s night and day.

Objectively, and I’m leaning on a sound engineering diploma from over 10 years ago here, so bear with me - but there must be resources online that will explain this better than I ever can - I’m sure you will be aware that anything that is not analogue is a sample. It doesn’t matter how many samples per second you are getting, it’s still a sample. So there is part of the sound wave missing, which means there’s a loss of sound and harmonics.
Listening side by side to a cd/MP3 and vinyl you will notice the difference right away, there is such a loss of depth.

The only music you are less likely to notice this with is R&B and hip hop, because they are uber compressed to make them sound ‘louder’ (which they don’t - it’s just compressed wave which gives your everyday philistine the impression of a ‘louder’ recording when all the are doing is compressing waveforms and as a result losing even MORE harmonics and resonance, and cutting off more of the instruments before the sound has fully played out, this making the music sound doubly as bad.

So if your cd collection extends to beyonce or Kanye west, by all means continue listening to an APPROXIMATION of music, but you are missing out of a far greater and richer experience - which is fine for those who are not interested, but to say vinyl is no greater than those other mediums is incorrect.


Probably the happiest nab from my gift cards, The Vapors Anthology, along with The Meters Josie years anthology. Yeah, there’s a good reason The Vapors sound like dead ringers for The Jam, but what wonderful music! Another band undeserving of the “one-hit wonder tag.”


This is fair and makes you more of an expert than me, I guess, but on the other hand, from the piece I posted:


Fuck those guys


Yes, especially Kees Immink, double fuck him, he’s only good for minor roles in Star Wars.


Peabody, eh? Are you a Baltimore person? That’s in my back yard. People still talk about Tori Amos’ legendary reputed antics at Peabody.



Listening to the Return of the Jedi soundtrack on vinyl. Oddly it has the song from the dance scene added in the Special Edition but still retains Ewok Celebration (the real reason I wanted it) which was taken out of the Special Edition.


It’s called Yub-Nub!

…i think


That’s what I call it but the track is listed as Ewok Celebration on the jacket.





Search your feelings. You know it to be true.


About 9,800 miles away.

Great little R&B/pop hit from 1996 - “Hit me Off” by New Edition: