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What are you listening to?



Deep Purple bootleg from Hammersmith 2002 (first night). This show in fact:

You should be able to hear me singing there :wink:


How many vocalists did they go through before you got a shot?


Awesome track… and it took me only trhee years to find it!


I played this video thinking it was Deep Purple but I don’t even see Ritchie Blackmore. Are you sure this isn’t some cover band? :wink:



Coming out of a concert I overheard someone say “When did Blackmore start dying his hair blond?”

Honestly, not sure if he was joking or serious :expressionless:


Wow, how could they mistake that amateur for Richie Blackmore???

Just joking. I actually didn’t even watch the video. :wink:




They see me trollin’…
They hatin’…


She actually had a comic written as her as a superhero,. By Stan Lee, no less. It wasn’t his greatest work; it included “Ninja-style Dancers”.


Beware the Ides of March!




Two fellows who I thoroughly appreciated on their hearing/viewing of SRV for the first time. I don’t think the second fellow has ever seen a real band before. (“No, wait - that’s a second guitar…” he says, indicating Tommy Shannon’s bass.)

Lots of guitar today.


HORSE the band…self proclaimed nintendo core. Love these guys.



You have not been Rickrolled until you’ve heard the original Klingon:


Kind of an odd pairing but the results aren’t too bad.


I haven’t forgotten it’s New Music Monday™, so today I’m listening to the new Jigdoll Ensemble Live by Hannah James, who I coincidentally also saw live this weekend. Includes this powerful piece of lyricism:


Aoki and my friend Jim Krueger have a project coming out.