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What are you listening to?


A fuller version of the Ladino song above:


These guys are label mates to couple of our friends and I can’t recommend their new album, American Love Call, enough.

Go buy it. :wink:


I’ve accidentally managed to arrange to see eight different bands next week.

The first will be Hannah James, who I’ve never seen performing her own music before (I’ve seen her with other bands):

The second is The Shee, who I have seen many times before. In fact, I was in the audience when this was filmed:


Listening to her debut album from 26 (!?) years ago :



New Coheed out this week. This song had a ton of energy live.


The third band I will be seeing next week is Solasta. I know almost nothing about them, but it seems like my sort of thing, and as their gig is free and fits neatly between two others it seems silly not to go…


For a change of pace, the, um, fourth band I will see next week is Cats in Space. I’ve seen them four times before. This is from one of those times:


Whenever I hear this song, I think of @davidm.


In another thread I referenced 1985, so I did a quick search of music.
Quickly added the word “Metal” in the search as I was not listening to the “hot” songs of the day.

I was more Priest, Maiden, Scorpions, but found Anthrax - Madhouse.
Ah, brought back some good memories.

Anthrax’s high point for me was 1987’s Among the Living.
I’m still friends with people who can drunk with me and put it on.
Summer of 1987 for me was anthrax, The Cult, and Beastie Boys.

Ok, starting to ramble, so here’s the video.

(and yes it is very '80’s disrespectful/ignorant to things)


Aw yeah, new Devy


Old tunes. New music! From a boat!

And y’all have a taste of this.







Jewel’s daddy homesteads in the Alaska wilderness and lives on a cabinboat (which is smaller than a houseboat). Saw an episode of some show where she took her son up to visit. Very cool. (In many ways.)


Jewel released an amazing debut album in 1995. I need to dig it out and give it another listen…


Caught this on Fordham University’s radio station on Saturday, an early release from their upcoming new album; one of my favorite bands still making records: