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What are you listening to?


It’s New Music Monday ™ and I finally have an album released in 2019! It’s The Snicklway to Horn Fair by Joshua Burnell & Frances Sladen. It’s supposed to be a bonus extra for people who bought The Road to Horn Fair last year, but I actually think I like it better than the main disc.

One of the best vocal pairings I’ve ever heard, with minimal instrumental accompaniment. It’s just beautiful.

I can’t find anything from it to share, so here’s randomly something else by them…


Here is a different song with the same name, with a beautiful lead vocal by Aiofe Clancy


Nice voice. But I know that song as The Wars of Germany, sung by Ewan Macoll (and probably others). Comes from Scotland, I believe. Joshua Burnell’s version of High Germany is the most common one (in England) and has been sung by just about everybody, but I think Burnell probably got it from Martin Carthy.


Not from the show I was at but this is the song Coheed & Cambria opened with last night.



How can you not like a song that opens with these lyrics:

Hey, come on
And take off all the clothes that you have on
And make love to me until the sun
Comes up
Or until we decide we are done

Or until all the prayers
That go to heaven get an answer


KYLESA. Highly recommended to anyone who likes good music.



I found these guys on spotify looking for something completely different. They call their genre “death jazz”. I am not sure if that’s fitting, I do really like their music.


I know nothing about death jazz but do like a bit of doom jazz.


I Honestly thought this will take the “Best Song” or “best OST” in the Oscars.

But, Lady Gaga and Bradley
Cooper were very powerful


It’s New Music Monday™ and I shall be mostly listening to 2018’s Ocean Sounds by Iamthemorning. This is what it sounds like:


This isn’t really my kind of thing, but it’s an amusing lesson in judging by appearances. This band was a last-minute replacement for Suicidal Tendencies at the Bloodstock metal festival last year:

Understandably, many in the crowd thought they’d been booked in error. Then they did this:


A Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) song:

(I know we have a few Spanish speakers, can you understand it?)


This is fun.

I love Egerton but he looks like a bit of a sound guy’s nightmare here. The way he never quite puts the (cardioid) mic to his mouth and keeps pulling it away. I wonder if he’s trying to mimic a certain look when someone is singing versus having that experience.


That was pretty good. I didn’t know Egerton could sing.

I’ve seen lots of live singers who do the moving microphone thing, I’ve always assumed it was a deliberate thing, to affect with the volume. (I’m assuming Sheena says it’s a no-no?)


It’s a legitimate technique just not as it’s used here. It’s generally used when a vocalist is really going to let loose, wants the power of that but doesn’t want to increase the volume by the same amount. Egerton really isn’t doing that here.

A cardioid mic has a very particular pickup pattern that makes it ideal for vocals especially in otherwise crowded spaces (see below). So it only really picks up directly in a heart shaped pattern in front of the mic and diminishes drastically as you pull away. It’s one of the ways you can tell a video (or performance) isn’t using live vocals with the way something sounds vs where the singer is to the mic.

Sheena’s the vocalist. I’m the sound guy. It’s really hard to mic people who do this sort of thing without knowing how to use it. You’re either way too hot possibly picking up background noise and teetering on feedback or you can’t hear them. Watch the way Elton John uses his mic in the same video.


That’s possibly the most interesting post I’ve ever read on here :slight_smile:


Soundboard stuff is kind of fun. I’ve done it on an amateur level for church for over a decade. It helps to know about acoustics and the way each piece of equip is meant to work.

Vocalist can be a bit maddening because they have these ideas of how they should do things because they’ve seen it on TV without knowing the reasons why.


Any excuse: