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What are you listening to?


HEALTH have a new album out and it’s continuing with the electronic / indie / industrial thing they were doing with the last album.
I like it.







For @Will and @Jake and everybody else who served.


For today’s morning walk, the Fairly Random Friday ™ playlist was…

Siberian Khatru by Yes – perfect early morning music, enough uplifting tunes and rhythms to wake you up and start the brain working.

Pastime with Good Company by Joshua Burnell – rocking acapella version of a very old song.

Play by Nerissa Schwarz – harp and ambient electronics, moody and atmospheric and probably a bit too downbeat for a morning walk.

Pohjola’s Daughter by Jean Sibelius – short tone poem for orchestra by my favourite composer.

Procession by Mostly Autumn – very pretty instrumental, from the new album.

Soulful Shade of Blue by Buffy Sainte Marie – not angry enough to be classic BSM, this is more like something you might hear Patsy Cline singing. Nice enough though…


How are they playing the keyboard part? It’s like magic :open_mouth:

Edit half way through the video: oh, now they remember they need to have a keyboard :roll_eyes:


Because of this:


I know you’re joking a little bit but I can never be sure how much of a geezer you are. So just to make sure…

  • Those are kids representing Weezer in the 80’s not the actual band. In fact the one playing Rivers is one of the leads from Stranger Things.
  • It’s a music video. So no one is actually playing instruments and they are having a little fun with this.
  • The girl is playing a keytar or synth of some kind that has a keyboard sound to it.




David insists on only literal, live performance videos, that’s how it was in the 1970s, like this one:

It is testament to the enduring talent of Freddie Mercury that he played the piano while standing in a quasi jester outfit with his hands on his hips.


And the level of his voice never changes no matter how far he is from the mic. :wink:

I do remember when a big deal was made about how Springsteen actually recorded the vocals for Streets of Philadelphia. Supposedly by the end of the process, he almost couldn’t speak because of the number of takes required for the video. You can also here a difference in the vocals and the separation between them and the rest of the music in the video.



“Hazy” is one of my favorite tunes ever, and dang it, they should have come in hard on the guitar after the bridge. Gave me a hankering to hear a cover by Motorhead or somebody, had to settle for Bangles. (Is this a covers fight?)

Which just flat requires I post my favorite Bangles video.

And this has been my jam for a couple of weeks.


Good song for February. Simon knew Goodman, they were college friends at the same college I go to. The Clock Tower over the library is named after all three victims.





The new Teeth of the Sea album is :ok_hand:
Sounds like Ennio Morricone soundtracking a Cyberpunk film.

Where is this sounds like Death in Vegas having a fight with Josh Wink. Brilliant stuff