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What are you listening to?



Mostly for Waddy’s intro and playing.




Sibelius’ Lemminkainen Suite. Though to be honest I’m not really listening to it, I’ve been mostly reading and writing for the past hour :frowning:

I’ll have to put it on my mp3 player and listen to it properly when I’m out at the weekend.




The newest episode of the Punch Up The Jam podcast has gotten this stuck in my head all day:


The intro music to The Orville has been stuck in my head for the last few days:


The one and only.



Jewish music…in Arabic:



The Fairly Random Friday ™ playlist for this morning’s walk…

Close to the Edge by Yes – another live version from 1972. Lasts about 20 minutes of course, so not tme for much else…

Glattugla by The Rheingans Sisters – fiddle duet that souds like it’s from another time (except it’s from 2018)

I’ll Go Out by Katie Doherty – a song about being sad and angry.

Mareidt by Myrkur – unearthly soprano wails over doomy drones. Perfect for a dark, stormy morning by the sea. If you’re not by a stormy sea, listen to this and pretend you are:


Saw these guys last night, some quality post metal.





With every year that passes, I seem to understand Meet on the Ledge a bit better…


It’s New Music Monday ™ and today I have been listening to Psychostasia by Daemonia Nymphe, one of my best discoveries of recent years. The album is a few years old but was recently re-released with some extra tracks, so it counts for NMM :slight_smile:

And it sounds a bit like this: