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What are you listening to?


Will listen to that later.




There was a lot better energy in that piece and moments of brilliance. I particularly liked when he started to kick into Whole Lot of Love. I was kind of hoping everything had been a lead in to that.

Part of it all may be my preference in guitar sound. I tend to prefer the thicker sound that comes from a Les Paul or other Gibson (or Gibson-like) guitar. There are only a handful of players that use other types that I like. Some can get a decent sound out of a Telecaster or like guitar.


Evidently, he was an Akronite. I’m always impressed by the amount of musical history in Akron.


I was going to say that Steve Morse (of Deep Purple) is from Hamilton, Ohio, which must be near Akron… then Iooked it up and found they are hundreds of miles apart. Geez, America is big :smiley:


Astronoid sound like Mew if they were a metal band.

I like it.


Ya. Looks like it’s closer to Cincinnati which is at the other end of the state (~4 hour drive). Ohio is far from a big state in the context of other US states.


It’s Fairly-random Friday (ok the name might need a bit of work) so here is the random playlist from my lunchtime walk:

I Wanna Do It by Ronnie Dio and the Prophets – run-of-the-mill rock’n’roll covers band from the mid-60s. For some reason I have a feeling that the singer should move on to something better…

Cardboard Ship by Mostly Autumn – from the new album. It’s a fairly average Mostly Autumn song. Nice melodic chorus.

Child of the Universe by Barclay James Harvest – From 197something, this is how you do proper melodic rock. Beautiful.

Close to the Edge by Yes – Oh, that’s blown it, it’s a 20 minute song so that’s my lunch hour finished off. But it’s probably the best 20 minute song ever written. Here it is, if you have the patience to listen to it:



You’ll get no argument from me. :+1:





Who could have a problem with Morri…

Ah. Right…



Needed a palate cleanser after that.




It’s New Music Monday ™ and today I’m still dipping back into 2018 (come on, somebody release something this year!) for the beautiful Bright Field by The Rheingans Sisters. I’ll be seeing them live next month, and they sound a bit like this…