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What are you listening to?








Hyped anyone?




A live bootleg of a group called Ronnie and the Prophets from the mid-60s. They’re basically a pop covers band, and they’re competent enough I suppose, but I can’t help thinking the singer ought to be aiming higher. It would be interesting to know if he did anything else after this…


That’s funny a bit like the Wailing Wailers. I wonder whatever happened to their lead singer, Robert.


I’ve had this playing in my head, on a loop, all day…



Found a film of the concert I was at a couple of weeks ago:

If you look carefully you can just about make me out in the middle of row 3 :wink:


Edit: Eeek. I posted that as a joke but a tribute band might be able to play their songs better at this point.


Mmm… that’s 2007, I think.

I think a tribute band would be able to play their songs “better” at any point. Deep Purple have been messing up Smoke on the Water since at least 1972 when Ritchie Blackmore got the riff wrong on the Made in Japan tour.

You don’t go to a Deep Purple gig to hear them play the songs note-perfect. You could stay at home with the album for that :slight_smile:


I was going to post this video as Led Zeppelin had previously had a similar fate of not being able to add up to tribute bands of their material, but holy shit do they deliver here. Jimmy Page looks like he might die but what a fantastic performance.


Oh, my argument wasn’t that it should be note-perfect. That performance was just boring. There was no soul in it. The guitar line sounded like something off a Guitar Hero track or a kid just learning the riff on a guitar not a live musician who should potentially be one of the best in the business.

Sometimes it’s better to burn out than to fade away.



I can’t easily argue with Ronnie’s point, but as a counter point this is why I go to Deep Purple concerts, not to hear Smoke on the Water for the 10,000th time. Ronnie will still probably hate it, but I would have considered this 10 minutes worth travelling 12 hours and spending several hundred pounds for: