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What are you listening to?



That’s actually a tricky question, with multiple answers.

No band that I’m aware of was making music that sounded quite like that in 1970. So yes it’s progressed.

But there is nothing in that musical sound that couldn’t have been made in 1970. There has been no fundamental change in the approach to music. Any prog band from 1970 could listen to Anathema, or Coheed and Cambria, and understand exactly what they were doing. It’s the same set of musical tools used in basically the same way. So no it’s not progressed.

(Compare it with the seismic shift of, for example, the second viennese school of classical music at the start of the 20th century. Beethoven couldn’t have written 12-tone music 100 years earlier, because he simply didn’t have any concept of the musical framework they were using.)

And then I could get all pretentious about it and say that prog isn’t a musical style, it’s a mindset. It’s a willingness to try something new. And if you’re still making music based on the rules that were first tried 50 years ago then you’re not progressing at all. Making, I dunno, Orbital more prog than either Anathema or Coheed or any other band working in a genre with the word “rock” in the title.


So are you saying you don’t like prog music?


I’m saying I really like this:


Why not? 2000 punk sounded exactly like the 1976 version but more whiny and in fake Johnny Rotten accents.


I don’t care what you say. I’m not going to fight you so we can be friends later. :wink:


The Yardbirds cast a long shadow …





Gotta put some Jackie Wilson on my “Feel Better” playlist. Dude always manages to cheer me up! (And make toasters dance, for that matter!)





Busting some moves round the house this morning.


I started the day with some live Yes from 1972, and now I’m listening to live Tomorrow We Sail from 2012. Actually I think this concert:

Forty years apart, and Prog rock burns as brightly as ever :slight_smile:


Tomorrow we Sail were my album of the year last year, delighted to see them getting some love.


I came to them late – I think it must have been through a Prog magazine cover disc – but I’m catching up :slight_smile:


It’s funny, I thought they were a post rock band, not prog :smiley:
(Although that can be a thin line)


I think “post rock” is a label used by bands who are embarrassed to call themselves prog :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like in the 70s you had to be called “art” rock" if you wanted more cred, but it was still prog.