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I was also let down by Twin Peaks: The Return.

What worked about the original iteration of Twin Peaks was that it was a mash-up of a police procedural and a prime time soap opera sprinkled with a generous amount of oddness and surrealism.

Where The Return failed for me was it pushed the soap opera part into the background, and it felt like a lot of the characters got the short end of the stick (Audrey in particular). In a lot of ways, these characters were the heart of the series, and with most of them only making cameos, left the series cold.

I also wasn’t a fan of Dougie, which ate up a lot of screen time and felt like a joke that went on for too long. The new characters, especially the brothers who owned the casino, didn’t feel particularly well integrated into the narrative.

Too many deceased actors. I think that Don Davis’ absence was well integrated into the story, but the way BOB and Phillip Jeffries were integrated into the narrative didn’t really work. The constant use of stock footage of BOB in particular just served to remind me that Frank Silva was dead.

I also would have liked to have seen Hawk get a promotion to sheriff instead of shoehorning Truman’s brother in.


New video somehow just appeared, and it ain’t bad at all. (128 views is “new”, eh?)


I agree about Truman and Dougie and the deceased actors. I didn’t mind that they didn’t use the soap era elements of classic Twin Peaks and added a whole bunch of surrealism, it is more that many of the surreal bits just weren’t that great, seemed entirely random and weren’t elaborated upon thematically. For me there is a clear contrast with Inland Empire where all the enigmatic elements seemed tied together somehow.

Some of the threats in the story didn’t work well for me. I thought evil Cooper was ridiculous, as well as Bob the Ball. The swarthy men were very scary in their first couple of appearances but after that they just became cartoons. Philip Jeffries was pretty fucking stupid.

There were also things I like a lot. Sarah Palmer was fucking great and genuinely terrifying. Jerry lost in the forest. Candie. Gordon Cole with the French lady. The scene with Red doing the coin trick. Dougie emptying the casino slots.

Maybe this can be shifted to the old Twin Peaks thread we had?


For @RonnieM


So Lemmy’s old band? They’re actually quite good. I expected them to be horrible and boring if you liked them. :wink:

Had honestly only ever heard you talk about them. Their name still sounds like something from a name generator.


To be fair, that’s their only pop hit, and they’re toning things down because they’re on primetime tv. You would probably think they’re horrible and boring the rest of the time.

Their live shows featured poetry readings and instrumental jams that lasted 20 minutes. Oh, and the dancer was usually naked.


Were they one of those bands that didn’t make the jump across the Atlantic? I generally know Lemmy more from Motorhead or just him.

The dancers looked a bit like KISS fans in that video.


I don’t know, I know they toured America but possibly they weren’t big.

Also: the look pre-dated Kiss by a year or two.


They weren’t unknown in the States, their albums were released here and Lemmy was kicked out when he was arrested for amphetamine possession at the US-Canada border.

I bought a nice copy of Warrior at the Edge of Time when I was in high school from the dollar record bin at a flea market. At the time I didn’t know the guy from Motorhead was in the band and I had no idea who Michael Moorcock was, either.

I had never heard of Hawkwind at the time and only bought the record because I thought it looked interesting.



They’ve always been a rather cult band even in the UK, as David says ‘Silver Machine’ is their most commercial song and it’s not like they had a string of hits. I doubt most people who aren’t into that kind of music have heard of them but they are a band that will sell out gigs and sell decent numbers of albums for their audience.

I do like them though, I had a friend in college who was really into them and enjoyed their albums when I visited his place, with the accompaniment of a good amount of weed to assist. I think Miqque would enjoy.


So you’re telling me that only a bunch of old metal heads would know who they were in the US? :wink:


The sense I got from “Warrior at the Edge of Time” is that Hawkwind was best enjoyed with blacklight dragon posters and a variety of hallucinogens.

They might have invented stoner rock.


They probably did. They are one of those that’s very influential without ever being mainstream.


They do remind me a lot of more modern bands like Sword or Clutch.


Mike has been tossing Hawkwind at me for a while, and it is one of those fun rubber bones two old dogs fight over. Of course he had a good time with them (and Lemmy was a friend to the end), my POV is they were a minor band with too much jazz on their hands around the hill and down the path from what Fripp and King Crimson were doing and somehow none of the above managed to make a significant enough dent in the ever-more-controlled American popular music scene. They were too rock for soft jazz and too jazz for rock and what’s that one tune they play? Me he calls a populist and fickle. And he’s right.


Anyway, you might all be stuck in the past but meanwhile I’m listening to the sounds of 2019. Starting with this awesome Latvian band…

(Ok I lied, that’s from 2018.)



Today’s favourite song is Heartbeat Ballroom by Katie Doherty.

There’s a slight chance I’ll be seeing her live tomorrow :slight_smile:

(2018, cos I’m all about the new music.)


Holly Clarke, who will be the support act at tonight’s gig. I saw her a year ago performing her final recital for her music degree. Will be interesting to see her in the same hall playing a “proper” gig as a professional musician:

As a bonus, this video is filmed in my favourite place in the whole world :slight_smile:


The 70s?