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What are you listening to?




This played on my iPod on the way to work this morning. Really digging it.


Today’s favourite song is Sitting in a Dream, written by Roger Glover but sung by Ronnie James Dio. Here’s a live version from a concert I was at a while ago…







One of those rare moment when the cover is better than the original.


New Music Monday ™ is with us again. And today I shall be mostly listening to The Road To Horn Fair by Joshua Burnell, a man who (rightly) thinks that the best way to improve folk music is to add loads of Hammond organ:


A little Saosin.



This has shown up on my random Industrial songs playlist a lot recently, and it’s gone down well each time


The best thing about the horrible Twin Peaks sequel:



In the end I just didn’t like it. It didn’t come together like some of his other surreal work does. And some bits were just bad.

I admit other bits were brilliant though. And I liked theorizing some of the stuff.


I mean, you’re welcome to your incorrect opinion


While I like Au Revoir Simone I can’t like that post because of that terrible opinion :frowning:


Likewise I’m happy others enjoyed it.