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What are you listening to?



Spoken like a true old fart. I can almost hear myself saying it… :hushed:


Most of that Nightwish audience in Finland looks half my age or less. Nightwish played in London last year; I didn’t go but I know loads of people who did – and they are all in their 40s and 50s. In the UK Nightwish gets features and reviews in “old people’s” magazines like Prog and Classic (the clue’s in the name) Rock.

When I saw Flying Colors in London a few years ago, I was surprised at how much of the audience was significantly younger than me. When I listened to them speak, the majority of the young people were obviously not native English speakers. The English accents I heard were from men my age, the audience I would have expected for an old rock band in the UK.

The last time I saw Russian band Iamthemorning in the UK the audience was 90% middle-aged (I’m being kind :wink: ) men. The singer recent wrote that she couldn’t understand this as in Russia their audience is student-age and mostly female.

There’s clearly something awesome going on with young people outside the UK. In the UK, young people only listen to rubbish music :stuck_out_tongue:


This is Flying Colors live in The Netherlands. It’s hard to see exactly how old the audience is, but all of them have hair! :open_mouth:


Flying Colors were so good live. I hope they get a chance to tour again.



The best song about a young man that die from Syphilis.

Given, it might be a short list, bust still.




Today’s favourite song is about death and physics. Order and Chaos, by Lady Maisery:

Not sure if their audience is young or old, I’ve never seen them live.)


Did you see the Lego Movie 2 trailer too? :wink:


Ha, no, my son got some of this for Christmas and was playing with it this morning so I couldn’t resist.


@davidm may approve of this one:


Gets a thumbs-up from me. I saw Big Jim live about 15 years ago. Exceptional player, but barely known even in his heyday as he worked mainly as a session musician.


The kids are now quite obsessed with this movie and have already watched it half-a-dozen times since it was on TV on Christmas Day. They sing this song constantly.


Today’s favourite song is Hymn by Barclay James Harvest…



I almost forgot it’s New Music Monday ™. So today I have been mostly listening to Mostly Autumn’s new album White Rainbow. I can’t find anything to share from it, so here’s some old Mostly Autumn instead: