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What are you listening to?


Even though I’m not doing a language from that family, I’ve always liked traditional Celtic music (and studying the theory of the languages’ grammar):


So for those of you who have even a passing interest in Scottish comics here’s a link to Dundee university’s Phil Vaughan’s interview with John McShane who is an absolute legend around these parts.

I call him the Forest Gump Of U.K. comics as he seems to have a story or influence on every important U.K. creator in the last 30 years

Not sure if he brings it up in the pod but he also claims to be the influence behind watchmans smiley face badge as he gifted it to Alan Moore on the Glasgow underground.

But seriously a great guy and dead set legend.


I’ve never heard of that podcast before but that’s some serious talent being interviewed in the previous episodes.


Yeah Phil is a top bloke. He’s part of the team that run the comics degree up in Dundee


Song I haven’t heard in a while:


This is ok, as some Rabbis allow a recording to be listened to if you don’t know what the woman looks like from memory. So big names are forbidden, as are singers whose fans use their image a lot.


Did not know Robin Gibb voice was like this.
Awesome tune.



The Lego Movie 2 trailer has me digging this song again.




I had such a crush on T-Boz from this video:


Obsessed with Of monsters and men.
Indie the way I love it. Huge towering choruses, lots of floor toms and multi part harmonies.
Love it.


Really nice sound. I spent half the video trying to work out if it was one singer multi-tracked or twins singing together :smiley:


After seeing Myrkur live last month, I’ve been binge-listening to her album Mareridt and trying to figure out how one person can go from this:

to this:

and somehow make me like all of it :confused:




I’ve been listening to this instrumental mashup album for a few days on repeat now:



Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


Today’s song of the day:

What always surprises me about this concert film is how young the audience is. This kind of music is too good for young people!