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What are you listening to?


I’ve been listening to Steven Wilson simply because he has become the name in modern prog, the person that you’re just expected to like and you’re considered weird if you don’t.

I still don’t get it. He’s musically talented, but his work leave me emotionally unengaged…





I like some of his projects a lot. The Porcupine Tree have some great albums, and there are some Blackfield songs that I enjoyed.



Just listened to the first disc of What would Judas do? By Stewart Lee. Funny as always. I’ll listen to the next two tomorrow to see if there are many differences in his performance on each disc.







I only remembered that the Last temptation existed about 2 weeks ago and have been playing the hell out of it.
Brilliant stuff :smiley:


That’s awesome. Yeah I’m really happy to have these. Until Christmas I only had bad quality downloads that just didn’t cut it. I’d still listen to them on occasion, but they sounded terrible.


It’s still December 28th where I am.
It’s been brought to my attention that Lemmy died 3 years ago today.
Guests over (so on my phone), but I’m going to play Motorhead’s Killed by Death
and so should you


Brother in law and father in law are fans, and saw Wilson when he was here most recently.

I saw Porcupine Tree in… Berlin I think several years ago as wife and I were travelling with her brother.

The band was fine; nothing too memorable or life-changing, but at the same time not all that different to “regular” rock - didn’t really seem all that proggy to me.


Follow that up with Metallica’s Master of Puppets and now Megadeth’s Killling is my Business.

Alcohol makes me younger…


Alone now.

Revolting Cocks - “38

Revolting Cocks - “Attack Ships on Fire