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What are you listening to?



Cathy Dennis had a couple of hits in the early 90s with an acid house band called D-Mob and 2 solo songs but went off performing so went into writing songs for other people.

She was on the music panel show ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ in the early 2000s and one of the other panellists took a jab at her for being an old has-been. She replied, quite accurately, that she’d written 4 of the top 10 best selling singles in the previous year (she’s written 8 number one singles in the UK) that had made her several million pounds.

That shut him up. :joy:


Liz isn’t a big fan of rap, but she absolutely LOVES “Christmas in Hollis”


For a Christmas treat I’m listening to all seven Yes shows recorded in 1972, in sequence.

Currently on #3, Duke University:


David, there’s no point posting here again. That is peak David Meadows.


This is pretty sweet. They’ve restyled One Last Time from Hamilton as a bit more of a gospel song and had Barack Obama read George Washington’s farewell address in the middle.

@Jim will probably cry. :sob:







One of my favorite Christmas songs!


I still own this on VHS. Just wouldn’t get rid of it, but no way I’ll dig out the player to put it on.

Edit: but a commercial between every song? lame


In Czarist Russia Cannon is instrument!


And then follow that up with a couple of Revolting Cocks songs from Beers, Steers, and Queers

Back in the day I had to get a separate CD to get the title track remixes.
I guess there was a re-issue that mixed both.

“Something Wonderful” includes the eponymous sample from the climactic scene from the movie 2010
I love the use of that.

The album opens with a telephone conversation between two southerners discussing an upcoming local appearance by the Revolting Cocks. They are unfamiliar with the band and interpret the name as belonging to a male strip show.
I love that intro, but prefer the “Drop your Britches mix” (Deliverance intro).
Of note, the “Take 'em Right Off mix” is very different.

I’ll give you Something Wonderful, and then 3 different versions of Beers, Steers, and Queers.

Edit: ok, the next one I posted has some sexually explicit stuff. Its quick, you might miss it (and I haven’t watched the whole thing so possibly worse), but it’s there.
I’ll let the mods know (and have done so).




Honestly, I have a dark sense of humor, and the fact that the title can be mistaken for referencing something that didn’t happen until over a decade after the song was recorded, to the point that Weird Al “does not perform it anymore” appeals to that.


It’s a pity that what was once (and still is) a technical term has now become associated with a very specific infamous event. If we can’t use “ground zero” in its technical sense for fear of upsetting people, that’s a very poor state of affairs.


I think it’s how it’s used in the title, messes up the technical sense