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What are you listening to?


I need my Scorpion Jacket to listen this.



So a mate of mine put me on to this and I’ve just finished and need to gush about it.
It’s a retelling of the H.P Lovecraft story as a true crime podcast, and the best thing I’ve listened to in ages. It’s very well done and really creepy in places. I was getting a bit worried towards the end as it was going to be hard to stick the landing, but they did it well.
Loved it.
If you want to listen to in on your phone, I’d recommend using the BBC Sounds app rather that streaming from the website.

Horror fan? Get stuck in :smiley:


This is from the gig I was at last night (poor quality audience recording):


Will likely add a few videos to the first. Was in the mood for some acoustic, flamenco-edged guitar. On the Border is a great example. Got a few more in mind.

One of my favorites - Dylan with quite a cast of cameos and a visual statement he knows how to play guitar. Plus, love the tune.

Here’s a secret - I can pick out Andres Segovia’s picking from an army of wannabes.

'way back when I was at LA City College I bought my first guitar from a luthier named Lee Beeder who had a shop - surprisingly named “The Guitar” on Vermont near Griffith Park. Turns out he made guitars and helped a young picker named Paco De Lucia get his first US tour. Got to meet Paco one day and hear him try out some axes. Incredible control! Here’s a fun tune.



Great song, from the soundtrack of Curtis Hanson’s The Wonder Boys_._






Nothing says Christmas like a new Lil Jon piece.

Teaming up with Kool-Aid Man is pretty brilliant. They do share a catch phrase.


From the gig I was at on Tuesday. Film doesn’t do it justice, you need to experience it physically:


Electro pop time


The Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Chassidim have traditionally used the tune of La Marseillaise for a hymn:



“I have a degree in chemical engineering” got a lot of laughs in the cinema for the die-hards waiting for the end credits scene.