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I was looking for awesome Celtic music, and found this. After discovering that it has some political implications in modern Ireland, I used an online dictionary of Gailge to replace certain words so it becomes about the story of Channukah, as there are certain similarities. I hope the grammar isn’t that messed up.




I was at the gig in 2012. But they haven’t bothered including me in the film, which I think is very inconsiderate of them.


Flautists hate to share the spotlight, davidm.


Seriously. :wink:



Now you’ve reminded me I was at this gig too…

She’s hogging the spotlight so much, she’s playing two flute parts and the tambourine by herself :stuck_out_tongue:


She’s no Ian Anderson making weird snorting noises while she plays. :wink:


That’s Prog God Ian Anderson to you.

I can’t find any recordings of an Ian Anderson gig I was at (I’ve only been to 9).

Here’s another gig I was at with a flautist:


Prog God? Is that like a roadie for a normal band?

Ian Anderson shows up in this area from time to time.


It’s a proper award, he got a statue and everything:

The Prog God Award [sponsored by Orange Amplification] celebrates the innovators of rock. The people who have inspired generations and have carved a way for others to be at their creative best. There is no one who has pushed the boundaries more than Ian Anderson, who to this day remains immersed in his love for the music.

Ian Anderson says, ‘The innocent voyage of restless souls: that’s prog rock. Sometimes bombastic, self-indulgent and worse, it is also an honest, gut-felt reaction to the often simplistic and repetitive nature of much of pop and rock.

It is, indeed, an honour to receive this illustrious Prog award and dwell in such lofty heights amongst the good and the great of the last forty-plus years. I remain very happy to inhabit the progressive rock world, as both performer and listener.

And where else could a self-taught, mediocre but extremely loud flute player make a decent living? Not in country and western, I would suppose. But, hey: if the boots fit and the buckskin-fringed coyote crooner calls, then count me in cowboy! Brokeback Mountain could never sound sweeter.’



You just… just watch this movie. Alright?


Cool little video for lyrics.

And my buddy Eric Steckel just posted this one from his tour. Holy frijoles!




Because no one hears and no one cares and