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What are you listening to?






Went to see the Twilight Sad last night. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.
Just so visceral (and loud) RIYL The Cure, Indie Rock, Scottish people being sad.


Well, sometimes i DO listen to something of this century.


This guy is seriously talented. I just would have taken out Frankie Vali (or the second Queen) and replaced them with the Beatles (Though not sure if Paul or John). The idea of doing “I see a little silhouetto of a man” in hip-hop is genius, though :


Honestly, my favorite John song.


In a little less than two hours I will be listening to this band live:


This morning I’m listening to a compilation called Kings of Rock N Roll, and this chestnut just popped up:


I was just playing some Chuck Berry videos to the kids yesterday funnily enough (including that song). They really enjoyed it. There’s a timeless appeal to his music I think.


Likely because of my age, this is my primary memory of that song.

Flash Fact: We’re now further away from this moment in film history than the film was from the original release of that song. :wink:


Fix 4 u!


Eric’s just back from a Europe/Scandinavia tour. That means a couple weeks, he’s back in the studio. This time with the Black Pearl. (That’s a Knaggs guitar custom made, and I do believe a demon is living inside - a very musical demon.) That means a new album!

somewhat later

Lots of tunes today, which leads, inevitably to:

PPS - Note at 6:30 the cap of his wiggle stick has fallen off. He gets the end, doesn’t miss a beat (nor do Tommy Shannon nor Chris “River” Layton). This is what happens when you learn to play in a bar.



Tomorrow we Sail are my band of the year.
Folk mixed with post rock shouldn’t work but this is lovely.




As this was popularized by Handel’s Judas Maccabeus, which of course tells the Channukah story, in some circles it has become a Channukah tune:



If I have to listen to Christmas music this early, it may as well be Otis. :slight_smile: