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What are you listening to?



Madonna plus Orbital, rare and great.



Yes yes yes. Favourite album; CITY.


Interestingly, Centipede wasn’t on the original pressings of City, it was a bonus track on the Japanese version and it was first released in the west on the live album No Sleep Till Bedtime, because they messed up recording the gig and only had 6 useable songs. So the Japanese bonus tracks form Heavy as a Heavy Thing and City got tacked on to get it to roughly album length.


That is interesting :grinning:


I love it in the track detox where he goes “let me hear that stupid piece of shit.” :rofl:





The band I saw last night no film from that gig, so I’m watching other recent gigs:

Look, @Miqque , they play something other Hocus Pocus! This is Focus III. They also played Focus VII, Focus XI, and I think Focus V. Though not necessarily in that order.


And the band I’ll be seeing tomorrow:


This is from last year’s show, but my boys The Rainmakers are playing tonight and tomorrow at the recordBar in Kansas City. Two Thanksgiving concerts were some of the best I’ve seen (and would have been better live and not on tape!).


I’m listening to my wife crab at me about lunch :rofl:


That sounds familiar; is it a cover or a remake? :wink:


I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I hear it all the time. Like Michael Jackson in the grocery store :joy:


My favorite Christmas song. :wink:


I love that one too!

Him: I could have been someone.
Her: Well, so could anyone.



That was the first U2 album I purchased (yes, on vinyl), and it still holds a soft spot in my heart.