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What are you listening to?


Both his Chemical Brothers collabs are the best things the Chemical Brothers have done.

Setting Sun was an early Oasis track, never officially released:


That sentence should be the Chemical Brothers collabs are the best thing Gallagher’s ever done


I’ve never heard that Beatles song.




Anyone else listening to the new album from A Storm Of Light?


No, but I saw them live a month ago. Not really my thing to be honest. But my god they were loud. I’m embarrassed to admit this because I know it means I’m too old, but it was honestly too loud.

I actually appreciate them more in that video you’ve posted, because I can listen to it a level that lets me distinguish what’s happening in the music. Still not really my thing though :slight_smile:


This is the band I’ll be seeing on Thursday:


I have no clue whatsoever if they play any other tune than “Hocus Pocus”.

But if they do, I bet it’s fun!


They have 10 (soon 11) albums of material, so yes :smiley:


So I spent a big part of my day listening to Al Jourgensen’s various projects; Ministry, Surgical Meth Machine, Revolting Cocks. I have a series of art I call muckpop, and I’ve been wanting to add uncle Al to the series since I started it. Here’s what I came up with…

Here’s the original drawing…

And here’s a cool remix of a track off Surgical Meth Machine…


As your’e the resident famously contrarian Beatles-hater, I’m not surprised.



Led Zeppelin - Complete BBC Sessions.

Disc 2 of the set is the Paris Theatre show from 1971. I listened to it repeated on Radio 1 around 1984/85. First time I’d ever heard of Led Zeppelin, and first time I’d ever heard a band make a sound like that:


For today’s New Music Monday ™ I have been mostly listening to Exsolve by Jo Quail. Which is just amazing.

And I’ve recently discovered she will be the support act at next month’s Myrkur gig, which is just brilliant news.




The Elysian Fields.
So I’m listening to a bad quality download of suffering g.o.d. almighty, wishing I had a good copy, and wondering what the hell happened to these guys since this came out in 2005, when I find this…



New Reel Big Fish? Yes, please.