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What are you listening to?





On this New Music Monday™ I have been mostly listening to the new Iamthemorning album, which is beautiful:


So by New Music Monday do you mean music that is only new on a Monday, or that on Monday you only listen to new music, or that the only music you listen to on Monday must be new, or that you can only listen to music on new Monday? And what if Monday is a holiday? Does that make the music new, or does it become old on Tuesday? And what do you have planned for Tuesday? Duets?




Used to have two albums - The Secret Policeman’s Ball and The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball (of course). Vinyl! They have a good home now, and thanks for reminding me of them!


dEUS have just announced a tour where they’ll be playing The Ideal Crash so I’ve been listening to them a lot.

I want those tickets!


It’s going to take quite a while to listen to the whole thing properly, but I have acquired the Beatles The Beatles 2018 reissue, which includes 77 extra tracks (in addition to a remixed version of the original 30 track album).


I didn’t realise there was so much new material on there. What is on it? I might be tempted to rebuy.


Disc 3 is the Esher demos (recorded at George’s house when they all returned from India), cleaned up and sounding way better than the bootlegs that have done the rounds for decades.

And then three discs of out-takes and rehearsals - some we’ve heard before in official form on the Anthology albums.


The tracks have also been resequenced to follow the order in which the songs appeared on the original “White” album, followed by the songs that didn’t make it onto the original.


Just find out the vocals for this were from Noel Ghallager.


This is the only good thing Noel Gallagher has ever done…


This was really the only contemporary film to capture rave culture in the late 80s/early 90s. A longform pop video, the likes of Trainspotting and Human Traffic were really all after the event.


That’s an interesting observation. I think because of stuff like that I always think of the height of UK rave culture as being slightly later than it actually was. I guess it takes a bit of time for the ideas to bleed through to the mainstream.


It kind of was, just as punk in 1976 was 50 people in a town hall, the ‘Second Summer of Love’ in 1988 was really restricted to a few thousand people around the M25 and Manchester. I’d say it peaked in around 1990-3, by 1996-9 when those films came out (and Trainspotting really only touches on it in one scene as it was a book about the 80s and they added that on) it had moved on really to Britpop being the thing and the rave scene was being increasingly split into smaller genres.


Daemonia Nymphe are re-releasing their 2013 album Psychostasia with three extra tracks. I’m generally opposed to buying things in multiple versions just to get some small amount of bonus content, but I guess the band has to eat :expressionless: