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What are you listening to?




That soundtrack is one of my favorites, with original contributions from many of my favorite contemporary artists: Arcade Fire, The Secret Sisters, Civil Wars, The Decemberists, Punch Brothers, and so on, mostly produced by the great T-Bone Burnett.





Of all the versions of this song I’ve heard, this is probably my favourite (yes, even better than Martin Carthy’s):



I know, right?


For comparison:

The amazing thing is that this was recorded in 1966, and I saw Carthy and Swarbrick playing the same song in concert 45 years later.


I’m revising my earlier statement. You can’t beat Martin Carthy :slight_smile:






retires, defeated



Garðurinn minn, the new album from Árstíðir in collaboration with singer Magnús Þór Sigmundsson (who I’ve never heard of before). It’s not at all what I was expecting when I backed the crowdfunding campaign, but I am not at all disappointed. I really love the sound of it.



I have the horrible (and hilarious) sensation that, if you play this on a club, nobody will realize that it´s a joke.


And now, for something completely different.