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What are you listening to?





One of my favourite Queen (or George Michael songs).

And her on the left could get it.


The remaster of And Justice for all finally came out.
It’s crisp but still no bass,


Oh really. I wonder if…

Oh. Never mind.



On my way to see Slayer :metal::grin::metal:


Is that the tour with Primus?


Obituary, Anthrax, Lamb of God and Slayer :metal::grin::metal:


That should do your eardrums in quite nicely.


I’m wearing ear plugs. Far to old not too.
And it’s still really loud :grin:






Tomorrow we sail.

Somewhere between post rock, folk and chamber pop.
Beautiful, haunting stuff with some really nice vocal harmonies. I love the album so much.


That was really great. They appear to be British but have an oddly Americana sound that reminds me a little of the Civil Wars.

This is them with Taylor Swift from the Hunger Games soundtrack.


Cool, haven’t heard of them. Will check them out.


They’re pretty great. They broke up in 2014. So don’t get too heartbroken when you come to the end of their catalog. Watching some Tomorrow We Sail videos now. Still enjoying them.