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What are you listening to?



Heaven on Earth is one of the (few) albums I bought based on brainwashing by the single being played constantly everywhere I went. I still like the song, but I look at the album in my collection now and wonder what I was thinking :smiley:


It’s been inextricably linked with Black Mirror for me since they used it (very well) in one of their episodes.


Yes, in some time traveling lesbian section, if my memory serves me right.


Happy Birthday to Peter Green!
“Oh Well” video is in the link.


Amazing (no pun intended) find from 1967. I had no idea this recording existed…



Holy forking shirtballs!! It’s Halloween!!
We should post some Goth music!!


Very excited about the newly-remixed release of the Beatles White Album, and the “cleaned up” version of the Esher sessions included with it (I have a bootleg CD that I bought at the Camden Lock flea market years ago):



Nothing beats Paul singing it in Red Square itself.


Bukharian Jews are the Jews from Uzbekistan, however, their historical language is to Tajik what Yiddish is to German, and Tajik is mutually comprehensible with Farsi- some linguists consider it a dialect. I am doing a research paper on Farsi, and the only resource the college library had was Bukharian.



First new CRJ single in years:


Enough not Goth. Let’s dance.


My wife’s favourite Beatles album; we’re both looking forward to the remaster/remix release. Until literally right now I always though the lyric was “a paperback on my knee”, big reader.

But it’s “paper-bag” - he was sick.

On account of the dreadful flight.

Is that the precursor to “Baby got back”?


Beware. Is in Spanish.


Did I actually write Tush? That should have been Hush, of course.

Although ZZ Top’s Tush is pretty good too:


I thought you did it on purpose :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hush and Tush - antagonyms.