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What are you listening to?


the Deep Purple one.


Perfect Strangers.

I didn’t pick my favourite song from each era, I just picked randomly in a youtube search. But Perfect Strangers would have been my pick for the 80s if I was choosing favourites :slight_smile:


Are you telling me Deep Purple had other songs besides Tush and Smoke on the Water? Who knew?!


I did! They had Child In Time and Fortunate Son!


No, that was Creedence Clearwater Purple.


I think David is imagining things.


Right! With Iggy Pop on zither!


True fans don’t count Smoke on the Water. It’s a bit rubbish really.



Today we’re listening to Brechtian punk cabaret.
Fuck me, people will go a long way to avoid being called Goths :joy:




It’s too early and I’m dragging myself to the gym and I’m feeling sorry for myself.



More Deep Purple today…



Some more post punk on this very cold morning in London.


It’s New Music Monday™ and I am listening to Katie Doherty’s new album (not yet on general release, I bought it at a gig last week):



Today I will be mostly loosing myself in Chinese art and American girls.