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What are you listening to?


The one that popped to mind immedately was up on George’s Street, across the road from Hogan’s. It’s a computer repair place now, and they found an old shop sign in perfect condition behind the record shop’s sign when they were renovating, so they left it in place.



Some Neo Classical today I think.


I’m loving the hell out of the new VNV nation album


Got Euringer last night, the new record from Jimmy Urine, and did a remix of my drawing of him while I listened to it.


Just found this gem from one of my favorite bands:


10 years of weekly reviews of bad comics:



Some sweet 4 to the floor house music today.


Here’s a great way to get started in the morning:


And Now, for something Scorcesse-like…


Sometimes Youtube´s personal algorythm is spot on.

I didn´t know this song. No, is on a loop in my computer.


I always loved that Jimmy Eat World used part of that song in the bridge for A Praise Chorus.


Today I’m mostly listening to Romance Metal, honestly! Taht’s what the band call it.
It’s certainly not Goth.


Tonight I shall be listening to one song from each decade, 1960s - now. I’ll pick the songs completely at random…













@davidm, which of those is your favorite?