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What are you listening to?


“Beat Club” performance for German TV, I think. Probably recorded the third week of September 1971, about a week after the song was written in the van on the way to Portsmouth, where it was played for the first time. No (known) recording of the Portsmouth gig exists, making this the earliest recorded version of the song :slight_smile:


Saw the editing in there and knew you would be able to spot it immediately. Good sound on the video, though. Last time I was sitting in with anything that looked like a band the boys were going to play Highway Star and Rudi happily told me I could have the keyboard part. Guess what I told him he could do with a keyboard part? (I play guitar - or did, it’s been a while.) So I took a bit of the rhythm and Rudi just blasted his way note-perfect through both parts.

And the singer blew every line. Och!


“Here’s an idea, let’s put a Dutch heavy metal singer with an Icelandic folk band and they can do Irving Berlin songs.”

"What? No, that’s a terrible ide— OMG :open_mouth: :heart_eyes: "


Is this the Original?

I mean, i knew a cover of this Song from Bedlam… From Reservoir Dogs.


No, it’s a cover. Miqque posted the original version.


Late to the party - I loved Pusha-T’s Daytona a few months ago, with Kanye’s production par excellance - I’d heard mixed opinions about Kanye’s subsequent solo release, but decided to dive in last week.

Following a similar set of rules (7 tracks, no skits, no instrumentals), Ye is… really great. The second last track is the obvious highlight, one of the best things I’ve heard in ages, a song of 5 parts (old sample, sung verse by guest #1, chorus/refrain by guest #2, verse by Kanye, extended (haunting) outro by guest #3) - just amazing, all under 5 minutes. Ghost Town.

A masterpiece.


You jest, but…

DEEP PURPLE/Rainbow guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore is a huge fan of ABBA, and on June 4th, 1980, Abba vocalist Agnetha Fältskog went to the soundcheck at Rainbow’s gig at the Isstadion, in Stockholm, Sweden, to discuss a possible collaboration with Blackmore.

The project clearly failed to come to fruition.

He must have been apoplectic when Jon Lord recorded with Frida Lyngstad.



Indie rock? Emo?
Whatever it is, it certainly isn’t Goth :smiley:





Actual Colorado Pot Farm.



The initial Yiddish, though grammatically accurate, sounds more German then Yiddish.




I think we’ll have some Post Punk today. :wink:


This is like how I’d find NIN and Blondie records in the ‘new wave’ section of used music stores in Dublin.

When we had them. And back when I bought music in physical formats. I’m sure those last two things aren’t connected.


Dunno how anyone is calling NIN New Wave… :thinking:




I got that bit…

Sounds like Abby discs, nothing was in the right place in that shop.

I still miss it. :confused: