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What are you listening to?


This is a bizarre combination, and I don’t know the story behind why it happened. One of my current favourite singers guesting with … some other band that I don’t really know much about:

It’s a bit dissapointing, to be honest. Weird choice of song for her, shes only singing in her natural range for a tiny bit at the end, and the rest of it really doesn’t suit her voice at at all.

I like the guitar player on the left, though.


Here’s their wiki page:


It’s possible you have misunderstood.


I like the Smashing Pumpkins but they’re a pretty technical/layered guitar track heavy band. So their sound is difficult to duplicate live.

Their cover of Landslide is generally pretty good though. (In the grocery store, so haven’t had a chance to listen yet.)

Her left or our left. James Iha, who also plays with Perfect Circle, is on her left. Billy Corgan, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman and guy who writes and records everything but drums in the studio, is on our left. Both are proficient and respected in music circles. One is a little crazy when it comes to political matters. :wink:


I know you were a fan, which is mainly why I bothered posting it :slight_smile:

On our far left, playing lead on acoustic guitar – you won’t have seen him if you haven’t watched the video yet, he’s not in the thumbnail. Not the guy in the skeleton shirt (who I think is Corgan).


I’m pretty sure that’s Jeff Schroeder who is a current member of the Pumpkins. He replaced James Iha for a time but they kept him on. Evidently, they plan on touring with bassist Jack Bates who is son to Joy Division bassist Peter Hook.

That was a pretty good cover. I prefer the straight Pumpkins version. I honestly think you would like the Pumpkins. They’re a bit more art rock bordering on Prog. They got lumped into alternative rock with a lot of the grunge set but it was an odd fit. They remain the one band who I left the concert before they left the stage. They came back for an encore and just kept jamming. It was a show that was meant to be free but ended up being a benefit show with all ticket sales (not just proceeds) going to the Chicago chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation. So they also were paying to be there. I think their first album, Gish, would be more your speed, David.



I Always laugh when I hear people say: “Old music is REAL Music, not what you get these days” and try to explain them that it´s all about context, evolution, and so on, and son…

And then, i hear this…




That’s “Big” Jim Sullivan. Brilliant session player who could play any style you asked him to. Anyone who’s ever heard a British pop single from the 60s or 70s has probably heard Big Jim. He was also the teacher of some guy called Ritchie Blackmore, who went on to found some band called … oh, I forget what…

I saw him live about 15 years ago. Really entertaining player with an incredible range of anecdotes from the music industry.


That’s a much better version. I’m not really a fan of Corgan’s voice, but he makes a better job of the song than Myrkur, whose voice I love. I’m still baffled about the reason for inviting a guest on stage (who I suspect most the Pumpkins’ audience have never heard of) and giving her a song that isn’t right for her voice at all.


Presumably they are friends (a quick google says that Corgan produced an Ex Cops album) and she wanted to sing that song with them.


Most people are way too reverential to Stevie Nicks and afraid to make it their own when they cover Landslide especially on the vocal side.




Thanks for the information. I really enjoyed that piece he played in n the episode and wanted to know what his name was.

Knowing you enjoy a wide range of music, I thought you might enjoy it. And it’s from the 1970s! :slight_smile:



Umm … no.

Kinda into old rock today - T. Rex, Marc Bolan, Thin Lizzie…


Alternative, not Goth. :wink:


Friend of mine was telling me her last concert was the Cure at Red Rocks, because, after that, it just didn’t matter.

I told her she should have seen Bob Dylan and The Band at the Forum. (Before the Flood - and i could have been one of those lighters on the album photo.)

And I got laughed at.

There’s my life in a basket.


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