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What are you listening to?




Shocked and disappointed to find myself listening to U2…


Having aThunder night.

Funny to remember that Danny Bowes used to have hair. And Harry James apparently never did :laughing:



Here’s a nice patriotic song:


Some gnaoua music:


I enjoyed listening to that for a bit, then realized the clip is over an hour long. :hushed:

I’ll come back to it later. :grinning:




You have to love a song with a 15-minute Hammond organ solo in the middle :heart_eyes:


I think I’ll have to post a Goth song every day till Halloween.


If you do, I’ll have to post a Christmas song every day until, uh, Christmas.


It’s the whole album!


I know of multiple goth/industrial christmas themed songs


Last few weeks I’ve been listening to blues. Anything from last week to when Robert Johnson negotiated himself a bad deal. I figure it this way: I was mostly influenced (especially early on) by white boys playing black people’s music, then the black folks themselves in blues and Motown and friends and such, and all the mess of the mid-1960’s when it was quite a violent problem for a bit. Not as bad as Mississippi or down South, but, hey, Watts Riots. I know from being poor and depressed and violated and betrayed, so I could go country but that does not address the core needs. So I’ve been listening to the stuff that influenced the people that influenced me.

If that makes sense.



Nuff Said.


Relax your cacks, it’s only one song :smiley:


Electro pop, not Goth. :stuck_out_tongue: