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What are you listening to?


High school pal was a big fan of this band until he was told that the name was a play on PotUSA (Pot user) - he set fire to the CD.

Having spent a bit more time with the Macca album it’s fine - there’ll be 2 or three tracks that will likely stay on my iPod when the rest of the album is removed, which is pretty good for a guy who’s been writing pop songs for 60 years.


Does it get better than this? I doubt it.


Is that true? I have to admit, I never got that pun whether it was intentional or not.


I am looking forward to this movie.


So is my wife. She and her sister have tickets to a special early show on Tuesday.



Playlist for the morning walk:

1pm by Rasp – Hypnotic live improvisation for cello, violin and electronics.

Black Water by Thunder – Live version. Sounds like Thunder.

Might Just Take Your Life by Deep Purple. Jon Lord was the best of the best.

My Shadow Walks Alone by Mark Rowen – Melodic rock. Great guitar hook.

Not Yours To Take by Mostly Autumn – From a concept album and (as usual) doesn’t really work on its own.

Rip It Up by Thunder – Yep, still sounds like Thunder. They’ve got a formula that works, why mess with it?

This Forest by The Rheingans Sisters – Oh, so beautiful, I can’t even describe it. Listen:


Feeling low this Friday morning?

Then don’t listen to Frightened Rabbit :sleepy:


Just found out that Mono are playing near me next week.

Wasn’t planning to see them, but this morning I found out the support is Jo Quail:

So that’s now pretty hard to resist.



I’m listening to the new Live at the Apollo by Anderson Wakeman & Rabin, recorded in Manchester (at the Apollo, oddly enough) earlier this year.

It’s really pants :frowning:

For some reason, the producer thought it would be a good idea to add fake audience cheering non-stop throughout every song.

Now, I wasn’t at the Apollo but I was at two other gigs on the tour, and this is what the ARW audience is like: mostly male, average age 60, sitting quietly and respectfully throughout every song, clapping at the end. We wouldn’t have the stamina to roar non-stop through a two-hour show even if we wanted to.

This disc want you to believe we’re 14-year-old girls seeing a boyband.

Honestly, it’s so distracting I’m reluctant to ever play this album again despite my love of the music and performances.

Very disappointing :frowning:


This, and “Get Smart” is what i think when i try tom imagine the '60s.

Yeah, maybe my worldview is a little narrow.


I can confirm it was exactly like that :heart_eyes:






As a Teacher i probably souldn´t be singing this song all day long.


At least you’re not stealing pets from the popular people and dressing them up like the popular people.


After several years of thinking I didn’t like Anathema, I heard them live on Tuesday and decided, hey, maybe I do like Anathema…