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What are you listening to?


I love that Midas falls album so much.
It sounds like Tori Amos’ post rock band


I’ve only heard that one track that came on a magazine cover disc (yes, you can still get those!). Haven’t quite convinced myself to buy the album. If they played a gig near me I’d definitely check them out, though.


Was it a flexidisc?


Try this…


Just a reminder of how indulgent FM radio was in the '70s



I´ve heard this tune many times, but never realize it was the inmediate follow u to “Take on me”


The start of the video is really depressing, isn’t it?


Indeed it is.

But i find it strangely fitting.



So pumped. Got the new MxPx album in the mail from their Kickstarter campaign.



On this New Music Monday ™ I have been listening to Free One by the Kinaris Quintet.

Instrumental music by three fiddles, guitar and mandolin. And it’s… “ok”. All the right elements are there, there’s nothing to actually dislike, but nothing in the tunes really grabs me. It’s just… “ok”.

I don’t think this one will make my “Album of the Year” shortlist.


Loving the new Mogwai soundtrack but this is just so much better than the rest of it.


They aren´t technically songs… but i have this on loop for half an hour right now.


Someone shared a live version of Soldier of Fortune on Facebook and I was convinced it was from a gig I was at. After listening to half a dozen bootlegs to figure out which one it was, I’ve finally decided it’s this one, Paris 2006, which I wasn’t at :frowning:

But anyway, this is what I’ve been listening to this morning:



They’ve done a nice job with the album package and the video.

We know Prince’s vault means they could be releasing posthumous material for many years to come so I’m glad the estate haven’t rushed stuff out and done it properly.


I adore Mogwai and love this soundtrack but your right this is possibly the highlight.


Trading places.