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What are you listening to?


From tomorrow’s Torah reading:

And now, write for yourselves this song, and teach it to the Children of Israel. Place it into their mouths…
-Deut. 31:19


New Therapy? Album lands soon


You have Two Chances to tell me who directed this…

You´ll only need one.


Japanese Prog is pretty rare, but I’ve found some and it’s pretty good. Luna & Chronoship:


Just by the band name and title of the song I would assume they are heavily influenced by Coheed & Cambria.

Edit: Just listened to part of the song and they definitely love them some Coheed.




Been listening to loads and loads of Brian Eno music and interviews.


I want Weird Al in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame!


Oddly just heard that on the radio today.


YESSSSSSSSSSSS, I love this song!


So, a little explanation. Grand Theft Auto Online released a new edition that lets players own their own clubs. There are four DJ’s, Solomun, The Tale of Us, Dixon, and The Black Madonna, each with different styles of club music.

My favorite is The Black Madonna, because she covers house and 80/90’s clubby stuff. Like, I log into the game to leave my avatar in the club while I do stuff on my other computer.

I found her whole set on Youtube and I’m sharing it here.


New Orbital album. Surprised this track, featuring Prof Brian Cox hasnt gotten more in the way of publicity given how popular he is in the public eye.

Album as a whole is solid as fuck. I think I’m going to have this on heavy rotation going forwards.



Just found this semi-official bootleg (it’s an audience recording but the singer has been circulating it) of more or less the same show as I saw in Leeds two weeks earlier. I’d prefer the show I was at, but this still brings back good memories:




I’m thinking this ought to be my new favourite band. Exploring Birdsong:


The new Paul McCartney album, Egypt Station.

I’ve tried to listen to it on my commute but it’s so long I end up skipping two or three tracks in the back third to get to the end.

14 songs, including two suites/medleys - the opener (“I don’t know”) is very good, “Fuh you” is annoying at first (it sounds very 2017-18 minor chart hit, thanks to producer Ryan Tedder) but ends up stuck in your head, “Hand in hand” is haunting, and “Despite repeated warnings” (one oft he aforementioned medleys, an extended metaphor about climate change) is epic and beautiful musically, but a bit ham-fisted lyrically.

The “Screw it, we’re just gonna talk about The Beatles” podcast did a good listening party/review episode last week.

Here’s opener and solid track in its own right, “I don’t know”:


Wet and windy morning playlist…

Evaporate by Midas Fall – I’m on the fence about this band, they’ve got all the right ideas but not necessarily in the right order.

Glattugla by the Rheingans Sisters – from probably the best album of the year so far, fiddle duet in weird tunings and tempos, sounds like nothing else I’ve ever heard. Utterly amazing.

No One Gets Out Alive by Thunder – at last, rock guitars and screaming vocals to wake me up.

Nona Pina & Space Ghettos by The Kinaris Quintet – slow air followed by a more upbeat jig, on fiddles guitar and mandolin.

Opening Move by Mark Rowen – short instrumental that starts the album, all melodic guitar and synths, lulls you into thinking it’s all going to be like this then turns into a much more song-based album.

Wonder Days by Thunder – Thunder always work best as a live band, and this is from Live at the 100 club. In fact, this very version: