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What are you listening to?



I absolutely believe without a shadow of doubt that this would still be a number one hit if it was released today


I’m listening to some Alan Moore as research for something I’m working on. Anyone remember this ?


That was the record that was originally meant to come with Black Dossier, wasn’t it? I think a few shops did get physical copies of the record in the end.


Yeah the record was scrapped by DC for copyright reasons. The first side was considered ok but someone on high compared the second side to the theme from Fireball XL5.


I’m really enjoying the new Anna Calvi album. I liked her stuff at the start of the decade, but this is the first full album of hers I’ve bought.

(That second one’s NSFW.)


Thunder live at the 100 club. At one point Danny Bowes says (to the crowd) “you’re being filmed”, so I just looked and yes they were…

(I think the full show is on youtube, if you want to see it all. All the best songs come in the last half.)


Maybe my favorite Booker T./Steve Cropper/Duck Dunn tune.
Check out the audience in the wings!

That would be Doug Clifford, John Fogerty and Stu Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival, the headliners. Tom Fogerty had left the year before. This was the trio of CCR I saw on this tour; except I think Booker T. and the MG’s were East Coast; as I saw Tony Joe White and Tower of Power open.


I was supposed to see this band earlier this year, but missed them for reasons that I now can’t recall. Next time, I hope…



Two tales that may be new to some of y’all, or at least parts of the stories.

Such a short time for Duane! I was so lucky to hear them broadcast on New Year’s from the Forum, I think they played for 5-6 hours, and it wasn’t nearly enough.


I’m taking Russian Lit as my writing intensive, and the first thing we read was the Lay of the Horde of Igor, which goes back when “Russia” was just forming, and the professor is aiming to show us how these works are relevant today, so he showed clips. Borodin’s Opera Prince Igor and then a clip from Kismet whose famous song Stranger in Paradise’s melody is from that opera. This metal song uses the same melody for it’s chorus:





Big mood after what happened on Tuesday in Dublin



Here’s my latest discovery, Dream Ocean. They seem to be trying to Nightwish, and while it’s not quite there there’s still a lot of promise:



Yes! GTA Vice City all the way!